How to win at Blackjack

Blackjack is the most famous game in the gambling world. You can find it in every American casino. Why? Because you can start playing it with little knowledge. It’s easy to learn and offers good odds of winning.

To win a hand in blackjack, you need to have a higher count than the dealer cards but not exceeding 21. Many strategies and tips can help you beat the dealer and maximize your earnings.

The following are some top tips to win at blackjack.

Learn the rules

Although all its variants have the same rules, but online blackjack is slightly different. The variances are minor but can affect your gameplay. For example, in the American version, dealers can peek at their hole card before you can make a move. In the European version, you would have to make moves before the dealer reveals if they have a blackjack or not.

Understanding rules will allow you to adapt and switch your strategy to beat the dealer.

Find tables with low stakes

For a beginner, it’s crucial to start low. Find tables that start with smaller stakes so you can manage your bankroll accordingly. Blackjack is a risky game, and you would not want to lose all your money in one go.

While surfing online, research and look for free games or bonuses; casinos offer attractive packages during off-hours.

Split your cards

Splitting aces and eights will probably help you win and make some money. It may appear a dangerous move to split eights, but it’s a proven strategy and works very well.

Manage your winning hand

If you have 20, that means you will either win or tie in 90% of scenarios. However, if you split your 10s in the hope of making two more hands, you will lose. Even if the dealer has a bust card, the odds get worse if you split your winning hand without doing the math.

Double down the ace

This strategy works when you have an ace, and the dealer’s upcard is a six. You can take advantage of the double down unless you have a soft 20. You can also use the double down strategy against dealer 5.

Do not use martingale bet

It’s risky to double your losing bet. In martingale, it may look appealing in the beginning, but once you start losing, you will lose a great amount of money. It will damage your bankroll.

Never opt for an insurance bet

Regardless of what your bet or hand is, an insurance bet is always a bad idea. The odds are 2:1 on an insurance bet, and even on the worst days, the dealer has a 30% chance of blackjack. It’s not worth it, and you should avoid it.

Play at fewer decks table

When the rules are consistent at tables with fewer and more decks, the table with fewer decks is always better. It has better odds for players and can increase your chances of winning.

Bonus tips:

  • If a dealer is at soft 17 and you are at the table playing with 6 or 8 decks, you have better odds.
  • If a dealer has 5 or 6, they are more likely to make a hand. So, you don’t want to double your seven or any lower number because you might receive a small card and could take a hit.
  • Do not stand on a soft 17. It will not bust and only push against the dealer’s 17. It will be a hit or a double.
  • You do not want to double 4. It will always be a hit, and if the dealer has 5 or 6, it will be a split.

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