How you can use Instagram to grow your business – the most powerful tools and strategies

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Today Instagram is probably a must in your business strategy. More and more brands incorporate social media promotion for a better connection with their customers and target audiences. But today, with a huge variety of guides and a big competition rate, many marketers think that you have to buy 20 Instagram followers or more so they can keep up. In the modern paradigm of promotion on social media, buying stats is not enough. So, even if you have the opportunity to increase the rating artificially, you still require to have a decent plan for organic growth and progress support. Here you will find out how to use Instagram effectively for business and what tools it offers. 

Create A Business Account 

Or convert your profile to it. The main purpose of doing that is to get access to the statistics, which are vital for your effective growth. Quick access to the key metrics of your profile is a huge help because this way you can track the results of your actions and adjust your strategy immediately. This feature is also useful since any kind of social media strategy requires experimenting and certain risks. 

A business profile also opens additional shopping features, which enhance the comfort of your customers. For example, you will be able to set up online shopping without leaving Instagram, using catalogs and price tagging features. The shorter the purchase process, the bigger the chance that it will be complete. 

Work On Optimisation 

SEO optimization is a must for increasing your discoverability on the platform. Using proper keywords in your hashtags, descriptions, and other texts that occur on Instagram – is a significant aspect of growth and exploring the potential for your customers. Modern Instagram algorithms rely on the behavior of the user a lot, so they also will be sorting the content according to the most popular terms that are used for the niche. Incorporate the wide range of keywords in your list, and use them naturally in your text, as well as insert them in your hash tagging options. 

Create Content That Is Relevant For Your Industry

create relevant content for your industry

Lots of brands try to dwell on global trends, and there is a clear reason why some reach success, and some do not. The profile of the brand in general has to correspond to the niche and most of the content has to illustrate the niche. Only when you have a consistent image of your brand, and people can easily catch up with the general idea of your profile – then you can introduce other types of images and videos to dilute the atmosphere and increase engagement on your profile. The key is to mix in the trends that can be related to your production and brand values with the product-specific materials, and keep it within the limits of certain aesthetics. 

Use Humor

Although the major part of your content has to be relevant to your industry, there is always a place for some fun. Memes, jokes, and everything that can make your viewers smile – good for your brand. Through humor people build stronger connections because positive emotions last longer and trigger users to spend more time on your profile, looking for more. Of course, the main star of the profile content is the product, but relaxing your audience with jokes and silliness is a good method for increasing communication and loyalty to the brand. Besides, having a joke or funny video means that you have additional materials in your content plan, so it is a win-win situation. 

Follow Other Brands

Communication has to be effective in any way, so you have to interact with other brands of your niche too. This is required for a mutual exchange of the target audience, and also for understanding the interests and trends in the industry. The competition is present, but this battle cannot be won with professional espionage and diversions. The consumer gets to decide and seeing a natural, easy and positive communication between two brands they will examine each one more thoroughly. 

Also, following other businesses helps you to eliminate mistakes in visuals and communication, using the examples you could see on other profiles. 

Write Longer Captions

Not every post that is uploaded has to be long-read, but sometimes you can increase the value of your Instagram profile by sharing a little more. Exposing your opinions and thoughts can be a risk, but with good proofreading and weighing every word you can elevate the connection between your brand and its buyers, as well as motivate new people to buy from you. 

You can provide insights on your business strategy or industry in general, discuss your social position or explain how your brand works to make the planet and human lives better. You can positively speculate the trends that are important for modern customers:

  • Sustainability
  • Societal problems and business involvement
  • Fairtrade
  • Charity 
  • Consumer services

These can be good topics to share in your profile and to discuss in different content types, like Instagram Live or a set of Stories. 

Use Reels For Better Promotion

Since Reels is the latest type of content that is introduced in the range of Instagram, the platform itself pushes it more actively to make users addicted to it. Hence, all your efforts in uploading and promoting reels on Instagram will be supported by the algorithm that ensures more people see and engage with this type of content. 

Remember this tip for your further strategy too – Reels are not the last type of content to be incorporated into Instagram ever, so every innovation will be your aid in getting more discoverability and growth potential. 

Host Contests And Giveaways

In a regulated amount of course. Nowadays some marketers consider giveaways and contests as not effective techniques for growth. But, the simple like-to-win contest on your brand’s profile can increase the activity on your account and push it higher in ratings, when the previous promotion was done smartly. Materialistic motivation works and always will work, as long as the prize is worth the effort for users. Don’t do contests too often though. If you will provide contests all the time – it signals desperate times for your business, and your competitors will use it as an advantage. Make your contests appear as a pleasant surprise for your followers, that is targeted to increase activity and attract new people to your Instagram profile. 

Be Present Online

When it comes to promotion on Instagram, there is more than just posting nice videos and pictures. It is also important to keep up the process of communication and be proactive when it comes to engagement. Firstly, you have to expose your working hours and stick to them in reality. On social media, the timing of user activity is slightly different from the classic working schedule, so you must consider alterations that will match your activity with the time when your followers spend the most time on the platform, so you can reply to their queries quickly. Look for managers who can support your profile at this time and monitor the results in your Instagram insights until your activity periods with users will match. 

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