Increasing male power: how does it work?

Quite often men are faced with such a problem as decreased potency. Against this background, there are many misunderstandings, a huge number of misunderstandings, and ridicule from the female sex. Naturally, a man wants to look attractive and capable of feats always, as if working or in bed with the woman he loves.

There are quite a few ways to combat reduced potency. These include leading a healthy lifestyle, refusal of alcohol, regular exercise, a diet rich in vitamins and micronutrients. However, what to do if all this does not help? Man has tried a huge number of ways to restore his potency, but none of them gives the proper result.

As practice shows, patients prefer to buy Viagra. You can order this drug at this official medical resource Farmacia Expres 24. Viagra is a proven remedy that helps to improve male strength, add self-confidence and optimize potency, which helps a man and gives him hope for a healthy lifestyle and the ability to satisfy a woman. However, there is also a huge amount of controversy associated with Viagra. For example, many believe that the drug is prohibited for use and causes several side effects. Let’s consider these points in more detail.

What is the secret of Viagra?

Its active component, with the hard-to-remember name sildenafil, causes relaxation of the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies of the penis, thereby providing a more consistent and lasting erection.

When is Viagra effective?

It is useful in all those cases where there is a proven inability of a man to achieve or maintain a penile erection sufficient to ensure satisfactory sexual activity.

“Viagra” comes in the form of blue, lozenge-shaped tablets with rounded ends, which may contain the active ingredient in doses of 25, 50, or 100 mg.

For the drug to take effect, a man must be sexually stimulated. In the absence of arousal, Viagra is not recommended.

“Viagra” also cannot be considered an aphrodisiac, because, in principle, it does not increase sexual desire, but simply increases the physiological mechanism of erection, if it has already been caused by an erotic stimulus.

“Magic” blue pill is usually taken when necessary, in doses from 25 to 100 mg an hour before sexual activity, the desired effect will appear within 30-60 minutes. When taken in combination with food, “Viagra” may have a stimulating effect with a lag. It is not recommended to exceed the dose, and you can take the drug no more than once a day.

Side effects: myth or truth?

Quite a lot of men believe that Viagra gives irreversible side effects, as a result of which the possibility of independent sex finally disappears. This is not the case. Viagra does not cause any side effects that would further reduce sexual desire and prevent its natural process. The drug is aimed at the flow of blood to the sexual organ and helps to restore its ability to make love to the opposite sex. Most often Viagra is bought online through the Internet, it is much cheaper and confidential. Viagra bought online is also preferred by men who want to prolong sexual intercourse, to improve their abilities in bed, and in practice, this is quite common. With Viagra men feel more optimal, try for a woman, and feel supported by the drug. However, you should not forget about the side effects either. The remedy has contraindications in the form of the inability to take those who have: 

  • heart problems; 
  • high blood sugar levels; 
  • tachycardia; 
  • high blood pressure. 

All these contraindications will allow you not to take dubious drugs that affect the body.

Increasing the potency with and without drugs

Quite often men are interested in the possibility of increasing potency through drugs and without them. With drugs, there is an opportunity to improve sexual activity and capabilities, as well as increase erections, but the improvement of sexual life is also possible without taking additional means. You can do this with the same proper diet and other features, and it is also important to pay attention to sports activities and lead a healthy lifestyle, excluding alcohol and smoking.

“Viagra” is considered a safe remedy, as long as it is properly prescribed. There have been many documented cases of death after taking the drug in patients at risk for heart disease. Although, it is still not clear whether these deaths can be attributed to Viagra itself or the efforts made during intercourse. Take care!

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