Innovations in Mobile Poker: Android-Exclusive Features

There’s a huge debate in the world of mobile phones as to which device is the superior brand. Without taking overt sides, we’ve got to shed light on what makes Android devices unique and why they can be exceptionally good for players who like to play poker for real money on their phones.

Ability to have multiple accounts on a single device

Android devices are great for people who want to share their devices. While not always a necessity, it can be useful if your partner’s phone is broken or if it’s a communal device like a tablet. So why is this so good for poker fans? Well, let’s say your device is broken or simply having some technical issues, then you can still use someone else’s and we encourage you to try poker for real money here, and it’s easy to do it quickly across multiple devices.

Full customization of the home screen

One of the selling points of the Android device is just how customizable it is, to offer unique experiences to each user. Some aspects require more legwork than others but in theory, you can have RSS feeds set up for all your favorite poker news and updates straight to your home page, as well as having your various poker apps on hand to use.

Multi-table with split screen capabilities

The most modern Android devices allow users to have multiple apps open at once. Not just open and running at the same time but split-screen capabilities! This means that if users want they can have multiple poker apps open at one time and multi-table. Of course, it works best on devices with a bigger screen but if you want to squint at a mobile screen across five poker rooms at once, you can do so.

Fold and fold up the phone

How many phones these days can fold up? You know, like a book? Some select Android devices do just this as you can close the phone by pushing the two sides together to turn it off. In theory, if you want to leave a poker game, you can simply fold up the phone, put it in your pocket, and go about your day. Other devices can be notoriously hard to put down, leading to the phrase ‘death scrolling’ where users continually swipe on their phone unable to close it. Which can lead to problem gambling. This device’s setup might not be the totality of solving the problem but certainly offers an option as it is a very physical way to close applications.

Get charged and back to playing online poker sooner

While not true of all Android devices, there is a common theme among them when compared to other brands – that they charge up faster. There’s nothing worse than playing a tense poker game on 1% battery life. Charging up with an Android shouldn’t take too long (subject to a few variables) which will get you back on the table sooner than other devices.

Native screen mirroring

There are a few caveats with this. Screen mirroring and casting isn’t a new feature nor an exclusive element to Android devices but native screen mirroring is. This is where your Android device can send the exact image to another capable device. There are quite a few apps that allow you to do this now with the Microsoft Photo Link being one of the favorites amongst Android users. Non-Android devices can sometimes mirror their screen but usually come with long conjectures or restricted playouts.

Potential for future poker haptics

One of the coolest features of Android devices is the optional haptic experiences available to users. When turned on, users can feel a small sensation when using specific apps. When typing out a message, they will hear small sounds and get light vibrations to simulate using a standard tangible keyboard. In theory, this technology could be used in tandem with poker apps so that when cards are dealt the sounds and motions better replicate the feeling of playing in a live setting.

VR poker in the future?

Okay, this one is more of a long-term goal but there has already been progress in getting Android devices to run or work with VR games. In theory, this will only expand in the future allowing Android users to play VR poker with little other hardware than their mobile phone or tablet. Of course, the option is already available to those who buy all the gear like the headset and pads.

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