Investing In A New Phone: Maximising The Potential A New Phone Can Provide

Mobile phones have become an ingrained part of modern culture. Each new individual you meet will likely have a mobile phone, and there is a good chance they have it on them at that moment. Many of us are guilty of being glued to our devices, taking them with us everywhere, whether to a show, shopping, for a walk or even to bed. The chances are high that we will have our phones on us; when we don’t, we often feel like we are missing something.

Aside from always having our phones on us, another way mobile phones have become an ingrained part of modern culture is through the brand of devices we use. The endless debate between Android and Apple users continues to rage every year, with each new model being released. Each camp has adoring fights that will debate which brand has the greater phone, comparing the specifications and user interface of each newly released device. One of Apple’s biggest rivals is Samsung. Whilst Apple does have its legion of adoring fans that will queue and invest in the newest release, Samsung does have its army of supporters. Countries like South Africa have more Samsung users, with Apple coming second.

Regardless of the choice of phone, investing in a new mobile can be an exciting time for an individual. Aside from being seen as a fresh start, it can also be an opportunity to try some new things. Keep reading to find out how you can maximise the potential your new phone can provide.

Become More Organised

Living a more organised life is a goal many of us aim to achieve. It could be having our homes more in order, how we work, how we organise our clothes or finances. Attempting to be more organised is a task many undertake, with few being successful. Of course, there are many tips that could help in your mission to be more organised, but again, not all are successful in these attempts. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps that could help to change this. There are apps available that are designed to help you live a more organised lifestyle. Some allow you to make multiple lists and spreadsheets that are easy to categorise and amend. Additionally, we can utilise the notes app and voice notes to help take note of something that we do not want to forget. These tools are handy, especially as very few people will have a pen and notebook on hand to use at a moment’s notice.

Improve Our Lifestyle

Along with being more organised, you can use your new phone to help you with improving your lifestyle. You can connect your smartwatches to your phone to keep track of how many steps you walked, your heart rate, how long you slept and how much of your sleep was a deep sleep. There are apps available that help people with running by offering a tailored programme that helps them to gradually build their stamina by slowly increasing the time for how long they should be running. In addition, app stores on Android and iOS devices will likely have an app that helps you monitor and track your water intake in innovative and fun ways. If you are looking at ways to improve your health, see what apps you could use to help you achieve this goal.

Chance To Make A Profit

The plethora of apps available can help you to unlock endless potential. One thing that you could use your phone for is to make a profit. Whether it is selling clothes, old furniture, technology, or even playing a Jackpot Casino game or two, your phone can allow you to unlock various opportunities to boost up your bank account. With your new phone, look for what apps are available that you could utilise to help make a profit. If you choose to sell clothes or furniture, this could help to free up space in your home whilst adding to your bank account. Playing an online casino game or two might not only offer you a chance to make a profit, but it also provides you with innovative games to play to help pass the time.

Choice Of Games Available

On the topic of games, the world of gaming is no longer limited to consoles, PC and board games. Today, gamers can have a vast selection of choice of games in their pocket. Mobile gaming has transformed tremendously throughout the years. Of course, no one can forget the time spent playing Snake or Bounce. However, today, gamers can play some of the biggest games on the market, including Among Us, Call of Duty, Minecraft and Pokémon GO, to name a few. The quality of these games is another noticeable change compared to the graphics of Snake. It almost feels like playing your favourite console but on a smaller screen. When investing in a new phone, you might consider your choice of games to have installed in case you find yourself on a delayed flight or waiting for your train.

Try Your Hand At Photography

Long were the days when having a DSLR camera meant that you could take professional-looking high-quality photos. Instead, most of the latest mobile phones that are hitting the market have the capabilities to take stunning photographs, rivalling those taken on a DSLR camera. Wherever you are, if you want to take a photograph of the scene in front of you, whether it be a busy city centre, iconic landmark or just a picturesque view – you can use your mobile phone camera to capture the moment and look back on in years to come. The quality of the image will be almost identical to that taken on a DSLR camera.

Budding Filmmakers On A Budget

Making films is a costly task to undertake. There are multiple elements that, combined, increase the overall cost of production. For budding filmmakers, they are often attempting to make films on a budget, finding ways to keep costs low. One way this can be achieved is through the equipment used. Instead of investing in professional camcorders, filmmakers can use the camera on their mobile phones. Shooting a film using a mobile phone is not an unheard-of concept. In fact, there are a few films that have been released that were filmed on a mobile phone. If you are a budding filmmaker looking to make a short film, consider using your phone to help shoot some of your scenes.

Using Your New Phone

The excitement surrounding getting a new phone is infectious. After getting the box, many of us tear into it to get our new phone and turn it on – impatient to start using it. Once all of our information and data have been transferred between our old phone and new phone, we then begin to use our new device to see what differences there are. During this time, consider what apps you could install that will help you change your lifestyle for the better. After investing in a new phone, keep some of the above tips mentioned in mind. You might find some of them beneficial in helping you maximise your new phone’s potential.

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