iPhone hacks you need to know

Whether you have an iPhone 6 or the most recent iPhone, chances are you’ve merely scratched the surface of the fantastic features and exclusive entertainment your device has to offer. While you may believe you can manage your iPhone with your eyes closed, many iPhone users are likely missing out on several hidden functions. This list will only continue to increase as new features are added with each new release!

Apple’s iOS is a user-friendly mobile operating system, but there’s a lot of power hiding behind the surface. As a result, iOS users are looking for methods to customise their phones and make the most of the available capabilities. And with several iPhone hacks, tips and tricks, it makes for an ideal operating system for today’s generation.

With each new version of its flagship iPhone line, Apple continues to push the boundaries of technology. Yet, despite the abundance of alternatives presently available, we’ve compiled a list of the finest secret hacks you may not be aware of.

Picture in Picture Video

You’ve settled in to watch the latest Netflix must-see series when you get a notification. Unfortunately, you have to switch to another app to answer a call or text or check something on the internet, entirely losing track of the storey! Fortunately, for anyone who enjoys an excellent binge-watching session, the recent iOS 14 updates have fixed the picture-in-picture video issue. You may easily return to the home screen or launch another app. At the same time, your movie can continue to play in a handy pop-up, if you enable this functionality. With this iPhone trick, multitasking has never been more effortless!

Select Picture-in-Picture mode from the full-screen video to enjoy this function. Open Settings > General > Picture in Picture to set it as the default. Start PiP Automatically should now be enabled. Most video-calling and entertainment apps, such as Netflix, support this capability. On the other hand, YouTube does not support this feature, so you’ll have to keep interrupting those adorable cat videos when contacting your employer. Sorry.

Move Keyboard

Is it possible to type with only one thumb? A left- or right-leaning option is available on the default iOS keyboard. Press and hold your finger on the globe or emoji icon at the bottom of the keyboard (the globe will only appear if you have three or more keyboards installed). A pop-up will then appear with options for a left- and right-leaning keyboard, and simply select your preference by tapping it. To return to full screen, tap the arrow pointing in the opposite direction. Please note that this only works in Portrait Mode.

Take Photos with your Headphones

If your shaking hands fail to shoot lovely images, you can use your headphone’s volume up and down controls to assist you.

Here’s how to use your Apple EarPods or older earphones to take a photo:

  • Connect your iPhone to your Apple earbuds.
  • Open the Camera application.
  • Select a photo topic and keep your hand steady.
  • Take a picture by pressing the volume up or down button on your earphone wire.
iPhone hacks you need to know

Faster Charging

The term ‘Airplane Mode’ seems apt. Unless we’re reminded before a flight, how many of us remember to turn it on? However, it can assist in charging your iPhone more quickly than usual. Airplane Mode disables most functionality, allowing the battery to charge without interference from other tasks. Navigate to the Control Centre to turn it on. All you have to do now is press the plane symbol. Remember to turn it off after you’re finished.

Block Spam

This must-install iPhone hack is for you if you’re constantly disturbed by unwanted robocalls or spam callers. As part of the iOS 13 upgrade, your iPhone may now determine whether or not you recognise the caller and ban them if you don’t. Thus, your very own phone vetting service will only allow trusted calls by rapidly scanning your contacts, mail and messages. It’s a little like having your own PA to keep obnoxious fans at bay. Toggle Silence Unknown Callers in Settings and enable this helpful feature. Bye-bye, shady investment con artists!


You’re typing and you want to shift the cursor up to make a change to what you’ve written. Your thumbs are already flying, so you might tap the screen. Hold down the spacebar to keep them on the virtual keyboard. The keyboard will go blank as you move your thumb tip around, allowing you to move the pointer whenever you choose. Drop the cursor where you want it, then erase or type as needed.

Flash Notifications

You can now get notifications via your iPhone camera instead of using sounds or vibrations, when you get an incoming notification. When something interesting comes through, the camera’s flash can be configured to blink. If you can’t hear or feel your phone, this is useful. To enable this useful feature, go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Led Flash for Alerts. Move the Flash on Silent slider to green to enable it.

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