Is Getting CompTIA A+ Certified Necessary?


If you’ve come to this article, chances are you are in the tech industry hoping to enhance your employability. The core question this article thus seeks to answer is: is getting CompTIA A+ Certified necessary? Either CompTIA A+ can help you break into the IT industry or it will help you advance in your existing position. It is the required qualification for technical support and operational IT roles, and it is the industry standard for starting a career in IT. IT professionals with the CompTIA A+ certification can work as help desk tier two support agents, desktop support analysts, IT support specialists, and IT field service technicians. Additionally, when hiring new employees, organizations like Dell, Intel and HP all search for CompTIA A+ certification. In this article, written by tech experts for tech experts, we will bring you through key reasons to get CompTIA certified and give you key examples of big tech players in the industry that require or encourage applicants to have this certification. 

Reasons to Get CompTIA A+ Certified 

The Crucial Support to Any IT Career: CompTIA A+ 

You can demonstrate that you comprehend the cutting-edge foundations of computer software and hardware by earning a CompTIA A+ certification. You’ll discover how to repair a variety of gadgets, including laptops and cell phones. The greatest place to start your IT career is CompTIA A+; it can assist you in obtaining your first position and put you on the road to IT success.  

With CompTIA A+, there are no restrictions on what you may accomplish.

With CompTIA A+, there are no restrictions on what you may accomplish. The certification allows you to concentrate on developing your technical foundation and becoming comfortable with the technological language you will need on your professional path, regardless of the path you choose, as it doesn’t concentrate on supplier-centric hardware and software. With CompTIA A+, there are many routes to in-demand fields like cybersecurity and computer networking in any vendor environment. Additionally, A+ has ISO/ANSI credentials, which ensures that businesses around the world will accept your qualification. 

With CompTIA A+, you may work from anywhere. 

Today, many IT positions do not require workers to go to an office or to any other set location. You can access occupations that permit you to work from whatever location, whether it be a company’s office or your home, with CompTIA A+. 

The CompTIA A+ certification might lead to higher pay. 

There are many IT jobs available, and more are being developed every day. They are among the highest-paying jobs now available. CompTIA A+ is a strong and recognized certification that businesses trust and can help you get recruited for your first career in IT, even though obtaining employment depends on a variety of criteria. You will have the chance to succeed in your job and meet your financial goals by staying on your route and gaining experience, new certifications, and education.

Leading the Path to a Good Work-Life Balance is CompTIA A+ 

You take control of your work-life balance when you earn your CompTIA A+ in IT. Changing to an IT career from a physically taxing, stressful, or unfulfilling one could provide your career with a new purpose. Numerous IT occupations offer prospects for advancement, controlled anxiety levels, a feeling of accomplishment, and means of enhancing your physical and psychological wellness. Not to mention that you’ll still have time for deep friendships and family ties. 

CompTIA A+ Was Created by IT Industry Professionals 

A team of IT industry specialists from many fields and professions created and regularly updated the CompTIA A+ certification. When you become CompTIA A+ qualified, you can be sure that your knowledge meets the standards that current employers are placing on their IT personnel. It signifies that individuals who work in the IT industry, where change is a way of life, feel confident in their ability to complete the task. 

More than a Million People Have CompTIA A+ Certifications 

You will join more than a million other IT experts who have based their careers on the CompTIA A+ certification when you achieve it. 

CompTIA A+ Is indeed a Success 

In most circumstances, you need to put in training and learning effort to pass your CompTIA A+ examinations. It may take days or weeks to prepare for the two examinations that result in a CompTIA A+ certification, relying on what you currently know, how comfortable you are with hardware and software, and how quickly you can pick up new information. But once you obtain your certification, you’ll not only have a strong professional certificate but also a proudly wearable badge of achievement. 

CompTIA A+ Demonstrates Your Career Seriousness 

With choices for recertification and training, CompTIA makes it simple for A+ certified individuals to maintain their credentials and expand their knowledge. Maintaining this course demonstrates your dedication to your work and your devotion to staying current with changes in the IT sector. 

You Become a Member of a Group with CompTIA A+ 

Holders of the CompTIA A+ certification have developed a robust community that you can interact with, learn from, get help from, and give back to. Find your peers online through social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit, or in person by joining AITP, the national and local chapters of CompTIA’s IT professional association.

Industry Players That Prefer CompTIA A+ Certification

You may recognise these company names, and for good reason — CompTIA A+ is a very recognised and respected certification that many big industry players look out for when deciding their next round of hiring. Truly, you cannot go wrong with adding another certification to prove your skill set. The list of companies is as follows: Wells Fargo, Sharp, Nissan, Best Buy/Geek Squad, U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Blue Cross Blue Shield, HP, Canon, Dell, Ricoh, Fry’s Electronics, Verizon and Intel. 


If you have been eyeing any new employment opportunities at the places that we have mentioned in this article, you now know what their preferences are in employing their tech workers. You can never go wrong with getting another certificate to prove your skills are relevant in this highly competitive, but exciting tech industry that you work in. So why wait? Sign yourself up for a CompTIA A+ course today, and get the certification that will propagate you far in your career. 

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