Is New Jersey One of the Best Places in the USA for App Developers to Set up Shop?

In the cutthroat world of mobile app development, companies are constantly trying to work out ways that they can get the edge over the competition. While most of the work is done online, businesses do need to have headquarters and offices, and this can impact the potential for success.

There are many reasons why some of the world’s best app developers are often found near one another. It can be because the location has favorable conditions for businesses, or that it has good access to talented computer experts. Sometimes, there are even government incentives in place that encourage progress. New Jersey is arguably one of the best places in the USA for app developers to set up shop now.

Prime Location With Access to Major Tech Hubs

There are numerous app developers operating in New Jersey that have found success over the last few years. The state is clearly on the rise in the gaming industry, and these companies highlight that success. Some of the best-known app developers from the Garden State include Rapptr Labs, TechNeed, and Origami Studios.

One of the primary reasons why New Jersey is blowing up in the mobile app development game is thanks to its favorable living conditions and proximity to New York. This makes it an ideal place to reside for techies who graduated from the Big Apple but fancy a move away from the bustling city.

New Jersey also has several techie cities of its own, such as Princeton and Jersey City. These are also producing an array of computer-savvy talent for app companies to pick from. Thanks to the influx of these professionals in recent years, a strong network has developed in the state. This has allowed for the sharing of ideas and collaboration to help push the industry forward.

Growing Casino Industry Attracting Massive Brands

The mobile gaming industry has always been closely intertwined with online casinos, with both sectors spiking in revenue together throughout the 2010s. The iGaming sector is predicted to be worth $100 billion by 2026 according to GlobeNewswire, and the mobile gaming market will have an estimated value of $420.39 billion by the same year.

The online casino industry has been slow to get started in the USA, but it has recently been gathering pace. New Jersey has been at the heart of that, as one of the first states in the country to legalize online gambling. There are plenty of new casinos setting up shop in the region, with PlayStar’s New Jersey launch being particularly exciting. This is a sprawling online casino with a vast variety of up-to-date games, including state-of-the-art titles like Regal Riches and Desperados Wild Megaways.

Along with app developers working on traditional mobile games, there’s likely to be an influx of companies focusing on iGaming in New Jersey as well in the years ahead. Anyone thinking about setting up a game development studio in New Jersey should look at what’s made some of the top brands listed by GoodFirms so successful.

The USA is growing as one of the world’s primary places for game developers, and New Jersey is at the heart of that. Anyone considering opening an app development startup would be wise to open offices in the Garden State.

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