Is There Free Data Recovery Software for Android?

The great fans of Android may enumerate lots of advantages of this operating system. Yet, there is one thing that even the most devoted users hate – there is no recycle bin on Android phones. If you delete some photos or files emotionally, you can’t just cancel the action or undelete data in a couple of clicks.

It’s a good idea to install special software for creating a trash folder or turn on backup options in all the applications you use (of course, if such an option is provided).

But let’s be honest. How many people are aware of the security of their files until they are deleted? The right answer is only a few users. If you experience such a situation and some important files just have disappeared from your smartphone, there is an effective way to solve this problem. With the help of special software, it’s possible to recover deleted files on Android. Below you find the list of the best data recovery software for Android. Each of the programs has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Disk Drill

Is There Free Data Recovery Software for Android

It’s a universal Android data recovery software. You have to download it from the Internet and install it on your computer. Then, you connect your Android device with your phone and launch the program. The service offers you to choose the place for scanning. DiskDrill supports copious formats. The speed of work is rather high but it depends on the amount of information that should be restored. After the program finishes scanning, you are to choose the files you desire to recover.

2. UltData

This application is really good if you need to restore up to 3 GB of information. It allows you to retrieve even call history, voice memories, Whatsapp or Viver messages, etc. Yet, the speed of the recovery process is rather slow.

3. PhoneRescue

With the help of this software, you are to explore both deep and quick scans. The program can recover call logs, photos, music, and even calendar notes.  Yet, you should keep in mind that this app is not compatible with all smartphones.

4. AirMore

If you can’t imagine your life without smartphones or tablets, this application is a must for you. It allows users to install data from smartphones or cards. The app has an awesome interface that makes the use of the program extremely easy and convenient. 

5. PhoneLab Android Data Recovery 

It supports copious file formats. Moreover, with its help, it’s possible to restore data from broken or damaged smartphones. Yet, the interface is a little bit confusing. 

Using special software is one of the best and proven ways to recover deleted files on Android. Yet, the greater part of users is more interested in prices than in the effectiveness of the software. Not all the above-mentioned programs are free. For instance, Disk Drill allows you to retrieve only up to 500 MB of information for free. It’s enough if you’ve deleted a photo album by accident. UltData offers three different plans to its users. On average, you are to pay $45,95 per month. If you buy a subscription, it’s possible to cut off the costs significantly. AirMore is an ideal solution for those who are looking for free programs. You are to explore its options at no cost.

In order to maximize your chances to get your deleted files back, you have to take the following steps:

  • Turn on a backup option on your Android gadget;
  • Create your Google account and synchronize all the data;
  • If you delete files accidentally, stop working with the device not to rewrite info.

So, even if you accidentally delete some files from your Android device, there is no reason for panic. It’s enough to choose the most reliable and effective Android data recovery tool and get your data back as fast as possible.

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