Is your 4K TV Compatible to Replace a PC Monitor?

The standard definition has revolutionized into high definition, years ago. And, now we witness 4K Ultra HD televisions that flaunt crisp and vivid displays in the living rooms. However, the PC monitors are no match for these 4K TV screens. If you’re thinking about switching to a 4K or QHD monitor for your gaming computer, then think again. Well, you are not the only one who has considered the 4K TV as the substitute for the gaming monitor, and with that, you should also look for the best hdmi cables for better 4K experience.

Apart from using the television as a gaming monitor setup, you can enjoy a huge and convenient display for your day-to-day job preferences. However, the query of compatibility regarding computer systems and the 4K TV screen might hit you. Here, you can find why a 4K TV is the best match for your PC management and how you can use it.

Why Consider a 4K TV as a PC Monitor?

Television sets measuring more than 40-inches automatically go into the category of 4K TV. In case you want to spice up your gaming experience with the mesmerizing resolution and pixel configuration, then you can go with a 4K TV instead of a QHD monitor or anything intermediate. Here are a few reasons that would justify your choice of the 4K TV as a PC monitor.

1. 4K TVs are Cost-Effective

In case, you’re looking for a computer monitor bearing the same characteristics, it would cost you more than you can imagine. Whereas the 4K TV monitor would be available at a comparatively lower price, and they are fine as a substitute for your giant-sized QHD monitor.

On the other hand, you can easily set up the TV monitor to diverse cable boxes, streaming devices and gaming consoles. And, similarly, it’s easy to plug into your personal computer, too. You can use the TV as the second monitor and when not in use, you can hang the same TV in your living space.

2. Extra Audio and Video Perks

When it comes to personal computer configuration, you need to attach additional speakers as most of the monitors don’t come with internal speakers. Whereas the televisions come with in-built speakers that facilitate an outstanding stereo experience. And, it’s worth the price and audio characteristics of the 4K TVs.

On the other hand, you can avail the latest video graphics features on your newest gaming monitor. Most of the 4K TVs already come with the HDR compatibility, and it creates a soothing effect on eyes. Additionally, colours get more prominent and distinguished with HDR-enabled TV screens.

3. Probably, you already have a 4K TV

There are high chances that your home already has a TV that you can use as a second or gaming monitor. You would save up hundreds of bucks and interestingly, the TV would serve as a PC monitor and a TV, too.

Besides this, TV sets are great for viewing things such as presentations or movies together. So, you can easily attach your TV to the computer setup and enjoy the group-viewing experience. Moreover, you and your cousins can encounter an amazing gaming league and trivia on the giant screen of your 4K TV.

Cons of Using a 4K TV as a PC Monitor

There are numerous advantages of considering a TV as gaming, or just a PC monitor. But, you should be aware of the basic cons, too. Here are a few disadvantages you might find in the very beginning of treating your TV as the computer monitor.

  • The size of your new gaming monitor might seem impressive, but you’re not accustomed to that big-screen of your computer monitor. You can balance the size factors by sitting a further away from the TV-cum-monitor.
  • TVs are not basically designed to handle the input lag, whereas QHD monitors of PCs are efficiently structured to reduce the input lag. Well, the input lag might create a difference when it comes to gaming. However, the latest TVs have got distinct modes for gaming and TV.
  • Can’t find the space to put your new PC monitor or the gigantic television? Keep a minimal distance between your monitor and eyes. On the other hand, it would be better if you hang up the monitor on the wall that seems convenient to you. In case you can’t find enough wall-space then use the TV mounting stand for the optimum placement.

How to setup the 4K TV as a PC Display?

Make sure that your TV is competent enough to replace the PC monitor. Beforehand, you require an HDMI cable. Most 4K TVs are capable of using the HDMI cable. However, DisplayPort, USB-C and MiniDisplayPorts are other options to connect your TV to the PC configurations.

If you’re connecting the TV to your existing laptop, then you might need a special cable or adapters. Due to compact sizes, only a few selected ports are available on the laptops. So, thoroughly check which cable is compatible with both your laptop and the 4K TV. As an important note, your TV and PC should respond at 60Hz when connected via an HDMI cable. 

Now, let’s continue with the method. Note that the following steps are considered for Windows 10, and they are:

  1. Plugin the compatible cable to your 4K TV and the PC arrangement. The TV should catch up with the default settings at once.
  2. However, if the display looks are not satisfactory, then proceed with the following guidelines.
  3. Now, you need to right-click on the desktop area. Proceed with Display Settings.
  4. Inspect the Resolution and ensure that it is set at 4K or 3840X2160.
  5. If it doesn’t improve the scenario on your 4K TV, then head towards the Display Adapter Properties.
  6. Click on the tab named Monitor. Set the Refresh Rate at sixty Hz.

Additional Tricks to Enhance the Display on 4K TV

Apart from plugging the cable into the right ports of TV and adjusting the bandwidth, there are some extra options that can provide you with the ultimate gaming and viewing experience. If you’re a newbie on connecting your TV to PC configuration, then here are a few tips:

  • Nowadays, the 4K TVs support two modes, and they are PC Mode and Game Mode. PC Mode is noteworthy, but if you’re more into gaming and expect lag-free dynamics, then you should stick to the Game Mode. Additionally, don’t forget to turn on the HDR compatibility.
  • Unfortunately, all games don’t support the resolution scaling. For those instances, don’t get underwhelmed and create customized resolutions. If your graphics card can tackle 1080p and not above, you can set the resolutions at 2432×1368 or 2176×1224.
  • On the other hand, you can keep experimenting with the resolution settings and stick to the option that appears the best to you.


You have settled on the preferable graphics resolution and other associated factors on your 4K TV device. You can deactivate the option named ‘HDR & Advanced Windows Color’ under Display Settings for a better view. Now, your TV is set to deliver the much-awaited craze and feel to your PC experience.

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