iTop Screen Recorder: Best Screen Recorder for Your PC

The importance of online lectures and webinars has become immense. In fact, we believe these will become more popular in the years to come. After all, it’s difficult to recollect everything from a webinar. And that’s when an authentic screen recording software comes to the rescue!

A screen recorder is one of the most essential things in today’s world. After all, it helps us to study and work from home efficiently. With this program, you can easily re-watch the recorded session anytime you wish. The screen recording software is gradually getting the interest of audiences. We can record video from any online source with this. But finding the top program among a great many options is indeed a difficult task. So, if you’re looking for the best online screen recorder in the market, look no further than iTop Screen Recorder.

We’ve essayed a brief review of the iTop Screen Recorder, the best screen recorder software for Windows. Here, we will introduce you to the software, discuss its features, and see how it creates a quality screen recording. So, let’s get started!

What is an iTop Screen Recorder and How Does it Work?

Known for good editing tools, iTop Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorders available. Well, this software is a part of the IObit software list and is developed by iTop VPN. Here, you can capture videos and export them in any desired format. That’s why users love it. The program’s easy-to-use interface and editing tools enable you to create a variety of quality content. 

Although some have encountered flaws, a majority prefer this online screen recorder for its smooth performance. Because the output video you get is always of the best quality. 

What are the Best Features of iTop Screen Recorder?

Basic video editing: iTop Screen Recorder provides you with the basic features of video editing software. For video editing, the program lets you crop and alter the video’s size. So, it becomes useful in creating presentations and tutorials, recording gameplay, and offering video feedback. 

No high-end system requirements: Unlike other screen recorders, iTop Screen Recorder doesn’t demand a lot of technical specifications. Instead, it works perfectly on the major versions of Windows, including Windows 7, 11, and 10. Also, both the AMD and Intel processors support the online screen recorder to function smoothly.

Available at 100% free of cost: The most remarkable feature of iTop Screen Recorder is that it is 100% free to use. Zoom meetings can also be recorded, so stop searching for ‘how to record zoom meeting‘ online for tools. Start using iTop recorder now!

Smooth recording even at ultra HD quality: Another great feature of iTop Screen Recorder is its lag-free recording experience. So, to record a gameplay or tutorial video in high resolution, use the iTop Screen Recorder. It supports recording up to nearly 4K Ultra HD quality at 50FPS. Plus, it can also capture your cursor movements distinctly. 

A vast range of output formats: With iTop Screen Recorder, there are no worries about the output format. That’s because the program supports multiple convert formats. Well, almost ten of them, including MP4, AVI, and GIF. Besides, this screen recorder lets you capture audio along with visuals. Here, you can use either the webcam input or the internal system audio. 

Easy to operate user interface: Recording the screen during a virtual meet might not seem to be an easy feat. But, with iTop Screen Recorder’s UI, anyone can find the task simple. In fact, one only has to open the software and hit the record button. And, the process of screen recording instantly begins. 

Watermark feature: This is another lovely feature of iTop Screen Recorder. Using the custom watermark, you can ensure that your content isn’t being used by others. This way, your recording will be solely yours. 

We may find certain limitations in features in the free version. Still, availing of such tools at no cost is great. The Pro version is undeniably better. But, iTop Screen Recorder is still loyal to its free users.

iTop Screen Recorder: Best Screen Recorder for Your PC

How to record using the iTop Screen Recorder?

This screen recorder boasts a user-friendly interface. So, even beginners can download the software, install and follow these steps to record their screens.

  • STEP 1 – Open the software by clicking on the iTop Screen Recorder icon.
  • STEP 2 – Click on “recording settings” and adjust the resolution, frame rate, quality, and other parameters.
  • STEP 3 – Add the desired audio source for the content to be recorded. 
  • STEP 4 – Next, hit on the big red “Rec” button to start recording the screen.
  • STEP 5 – After the recording is done, click on “Stop.” Finally, export the video in any available format. 

What’s the Final Take? Well, iTop Screen Recorder is indeed an excellent software on today’s market. It has all the necessary tools to record your webcam or screen and edit them. Moreover, the features are very handy. In fact, they can help create professional-level content.

So, we’d certainly recommend using the free version to get an idea. And, then anyone can access the Pro version if they wish.

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