iTop VPN And Online Privacy

iTop VPN – introduction

An iTop VPN is a Virtual Private Network, where a private network is built and encrypted. VPN masks your IP (Internet Protocol) so that, the people, the government, and even your ISP cannot see your search history. It keeps you anonymous and keeps you safe online. It means iTop VPN can encrypt your internet traffic and search requests and disguise your online identity. 

How does iTop VPN work?

In simple language, whenever you connect to the internet with one of your iTop VPN provider’s servers, using the server’s IP address, to which you have established a connection and not your IP address. Due to this, if some web material is prohibited in your IP address’s location, but the server IP can be in the area where that content is not blocked, so you can access websites you couldn’t usually. In this way, iTop VPN provides you total freedom of what you want to do with your internet connection.

Whether you look for VPN for Windows, iOS or Android, they offer iTop VPN is available for all of them. Your data remains hidden and anonymous as traffic travels through the secure tunnel, which in turn keeps it closed, and you would be safe and indistinguishable while surfing online.

For not tech savvies, consider your IP address as an identity card. So, whenever you search for something online, the data is directed to the address mentioned on your identity card. But now, since you are using a VPN, you can search the information on the server’s identity card, and the data is redirected to you via the server. It means hackers with an anonymous mask on their face stays out of your data. Also, the iTop VPN changes your user data into some random stuff using their encryption algorithm.

The need for iTop VPN

It can keep you safe online and protect you from spammers. Well, essentially, as explained above, whenever you are, it is not you who is online. It is the server on your behalf redirecting the data to you. But we could not trust all the other VPNs out in the market like that. If you use a free VPN, the VPN service provider may sell your data to generate revenue to compensate for the operating cost.

It offers you to be anonymous online

As we all know, VPNs may conceal your IP address, allowing you to remain anonymous online. In other words, your search request is not coming from your IP address but from the IP address that belongs to the VPN host, and on top of this, it is shared by multiple users. So, you are anonymous while browsing for whatever you want. 

But since if you use a free VPN, this is complicated. Like there is a chance that if a government puts enough pressure on the company, then they might reveal your identity, and there is also a chance that their encryption algorithm is not so secured to reduce the operating cost or the free VPN is collecting your data to sell it for a premium price. But iTop has a no-log policy which means, we assure data privacy and security. It provides actual freedom, allowing you to choose what you want to do.

From time to time, the governments keep imposing bans on some of the digital content available online. It means your country restricts the use of the internet; the website you can visit and the website you cannot. 

With the help of iTop VPN, the data you send is secured in a manner so that no third party can read them, not even the government. We have many global servers that can access to connect to a region where the government of that particular country is not locking the particular contents like Netflix, which blocks some content, which can be accessed via iTop VPN. Your internet freedom is finally possible.

When should you use a VPN?

It’s recommended to use VPN when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network. There are chances some hackers might get access to your device and your data while you are connected to the public network. So, to save yourself in such scenarios, use a VPN to give you online privacy and anonymity. And iTop VPN is the best free VPN for Windows, that you can try and put it to work on securing your privacy online. Alternatively, you can use VPN while on an international vacation, where your favorite apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook, may be prohibited.

Everyone has the right to have privacy online, and failing to do so can lead to serious crimes such as phishing, identity theft, and credit card fraud. It is recommended to use the internet with precautions and use a VPN to leave fewer footprints online.

So, you should take VPNs seriously, and we recommend you use a good one like iTop VPN.

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