Jackpot King Slots Games Explained

If you’re an avid online Slots player, you’ve probably stumbled across the colourful Jackpot King logo quite a few times already. The concept of this feature is fairly easy to follow, but with even more Jackpot King Slots popping up all over live casinos, the question still remains: what actually is Jackpot King?

Join us as we discover just what Jackpot King Slots entail, so that the next time you’re searching the Slots catalogues, you’ll know just where to go to reap the rewards.

We all want to be the King of the Jackpots

Developed by Blueprint Gaming, Jackpot King Slots feature one of the best examples of a progressive jackpot that you’ll find throughout the entire world of slot gaming. The Jackpot King mechanic not only creates exciting features on slot games, but you could also find progressive jackpots like this on other popular casino games such as scratch cards and classic card-games.

When playing online casino games, there are usually only three types of jackpots. These include:


This applies to video Slots as it takes into consideration all the wagers being placed on the same game at the same time, so everyone that’s playing the game will be adding to the overall jackpot.


A local progressive jackpot links multiple games within the same casino. This is the case for these sorts of jackpots both at a land-based and online casino. Essentially, spins on multiple games at once can help add to the jackpot total, meaning it can grow pretty quickly.

These are generally the most popular types of jackpots amongst online casino sites, as it’s easier for owners to limit them to their own sites, making things a little more efficient and a lot easier.


A network progressive jackpot links multiple games located at multiple online casinos. For example, if the same company provided games for several different casinos, spins on certain games across those sides would go towards the ultimate jackpot amount.

The network King

You might’ve guessed it, but Jackpot King Slots are in fact part of the network progressive jackpot, but with a twist. Winning the Jackpot King progressive jackpot is often a two-stage process. First, you’ll land five Jackpot King bonus symbols, which will then trigger a mini-game. In this mini-game, you’ll find a whole new set of reels and symbols that’ll help you along the way to bagging that win.

Most of the time, you’ll find that Jackpot King games will offer a random second chance, granted to players who play the jackpot but don’t win it, so fear not!

It’s likely that you’ll find a whole page dedicated to games with the Jackpot King mechanics for you to explore, so you can enjoy all the latest varieties from the click of a button. Even some of the most recognisable titles now feature a Jackpot King progressive jackpot, such as Fishin’ Frenzy, Deal or No Deal and Cop the Lot.

So, what are you waiting for? Will you become the next Jackpot King?

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