Jolla: Is this Really an Alternative to Android?

There are a lot of people that like open source operating systems. Indeed, Android is still one of them but not a lot of people think about it like this since there is proprietary software that devices have. This means that there are smartphone users out there that are looking for an alternative to Android. In particular, a Linux-based mobile OS comes to mind and we are talking about Sailfish OS. Today, we are going to look more at the Jolla and its business whether this is something that can really rival Android.

Jolla: Is this Really an Alternative to Android?

Who is Jolla?

First of all, Jolla is a Finnish technology company, which can also be referred to as Jolla Oy. It is a brand that was founded in 2011, created by former staff from Nokia after a project called MeeGo was cancelled. Since then, the brand has been about offering an alternative to Android and becoming an independent smartphone with its own Sailfish OS. This has an open core, which means that the community can make improvements to it.

The first smartphone was released in 2013 by Jolla and this was followed by another new device in 2016. They enjoyed good success and sold out very quickly. In terms of the operating system, a partnership with Intex emerged and the operating system was sold in Russia as Aurora. Some of the specifications on these devices at the time included a 4.6 inch HD screen, an 8 MP camera and 16 GB of storage.

Android Vs Jolla

There is no doubt that Android dominates the market when it comes to smartphones. But, there are always going to be people that like to choose alternative options and give the underdog a chance. Indeed, this has been how Sailfish OS and Jolla products have continued to have interest from users around the world.

To begin, let’s consider the reasons why some people like Sailfish over Android. Namely, they believe that it has a modern UI, which includes having no lag. It also allows for a lot of multitasking, including having no pauses on applications that are minimized. For some people, they find Sailfish more user-friendly and easier to use. It is seen as a truly open-source operating system too. No buttons are necessary to run the OS and there is the availability of simple gestures. What’s more, for those that do like Android apps, you can use them on Sailfish.

Of course, let’s not ignore the fact that Android is huge. It is well known by most people in the world, which does play a part when it comes to trust. Consumers want to go with something that they know, particularly if they are beginners and do not have a lot of knowledge on a certain subject.

There are a lot of people that are even comparing iOS with Sailfish. They rave again that Sailfish is fully gesture-based and it does not have a home button. It is also fully open-source, which gives users and developers a lot of freedom.

Is Jolla a Good Alternative?

It is important to remember that Android is number one in the smartphone industry for a reason. But, if you are looking for a more independent and less well-known alternative, you might enjoy exploring what Jolla and Sailfish OS have to offer. It is fully open source and a lot of people find it user-friendly. Plus, you can still use Android apps on Sailfish so you can have the best of both worlds. You can do your own research and find out more about Jolla.

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