Learn How to Play Caitlyn in League of Legends

League of Legends is a case of win lane and win games. Avoid relying on your teammates to get the job done in rotations and team fights. Instead, work to win the games by stomping the opposition bottom lane and snowballing your lead around the map with Caitlyn. Look for a duo partner, allow them to pick aggressive support, and go through enemy bot lane picking free LP. Playing Caitlyn is not completed as long as you have decent support. Push your advantage to other parts of the map and get your team ahead, building a gold lead for the enemy team. Read on to learn how to play Caitlyn in League of Legends.

1. Trade Effectively.

Trading in lane is the most crucial factor in winning and coming out of the game with a gold lead. Instead of blindly abusing your superior auto attack range and permanently harassing your enemy ADC without much thought, trade without response. Trading will reduce your opponent’s HP, opening up opportunities for an all-in. For you to trade effectively, stand close to your minion wave and wait until the opposing marksman steps up to the farm.

Right-click them when they design their auto-attack animation to get in a free hit since it will be impossible for them to respond. This method is easy with Caitlyn since she has a high early auto-attack range. You can also throw out a passive-headshot proc and Q –Piltover Peacemaker for added damage to ensure you win your trade.

2. Use Traps.

Use your W-Yordle Snap Trap to win a 2v2. You can read through a Caitlyn trap guide to learn the best positions to place your traps. However, the best use of Caitlyn’s traps is to layer it with crowd control from your support. For instance, if your support chooses Morgana for complete control, ensure you have a charge of W for moments when she lands her Dark Binding to extend the CC duration and cause more damage to your target.

Also, ensure you utilize your Yordle Snap Trap by placing it behind towers. Here, the trap is almost invisible to the enemy bot lane. As such, they can accidentally step on it while farming under the tower. However, this will not be enough to kill your enemy.

3. Use the Jungler.

Always ensure that you play around with your jungler and the enemy jungler’s positioning on the map. Check your mini-map to maintain a strong understanding of the game state to enable you to extend trades and all-ins in the bot lane.

When you find your jungler on the bot side of the map and the enemy’s jungler on the top side of the map, you can fight and force plays in the 2v2 since the opponents have no jungler support and zero threat in 3v2. Avoid making any plays in the bottom lane without knowing the position of both junglers.

4. Early Game.

Ensure you use your early game advantage to push the wave consistently and get tower plates and extra gold. Utilize your Q to drive the wave and hit your enemy at the same time. After getting the first tower in the lane, rotate to the middle lane to take more turret plates or get the outer tower.

This trick will open up the map and increase your chances of winning. Ensure you consume your Headshot Passive on the enemy laner as often as possible to help you win trades and skirmishes with the enemy.

5. Mid Game.

After destroying the first tower in your lane and opening the map, move to the mid-lane. Kite backward in team fights because Caitlyn cannot take a lot of damage. Kite backward will increase your chances of surviving. Reserve your E as an escape tool if your enemy has strong all-in.

Ensure you stick with your support as much as possible even though they will run away to ward. If you are alone, the enemy may try to ambush and take you down. Do not walk through unwanted parts of the map during the mid-game.

6. Late Game.

Stick with your team during the late stages of your game. Getting caught alone may cost you the game. Do not play too aggressively in team fights. Just kite and auto-attack the nearest enemy champion. Use the E to gain distance from the enemy frontline. Moving too far forward will make it easy for the enemy to focus on you and take you down.

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