5 Best League of Legends Apps [LOL Apps]

Are you a fan of League of Legends or simply LOL? If what you are wanting is simply to have fun or improve the game, we have compiled for you what we believe are the best apps for LOL (League of Legends), you will have games available, tools that will analyze your game and will be very useful for your development as a player, to then the listing:

1. Quiz of League of Legends

Quiz of League of Legends

If you are addicted to league of legends and have become an expert in the game after spending hours and hours playing this MOBA, without a doubt this application will put your knowledge to the test. The game has an easy mode in which you must identify the champion you are watching through his splash art, for the medium level we must know the champ that we are seeing just by listening to his typical phrase when being chosen in the selection of champions.

For the final and more complex mode, we will have to try to guess which is the playable character that we are seeing just by looking at a small piece of the hero’s complete splash art. Every time you hit any of the puzzles, you will be able to enjoy a quantity of PI, which will give you the possibility to buy clues to use when you find yourself stuck and cannot advance.

The application is available for free on the Play Store and you can download it at the time you like the most to start playing and having fun!

You can download this app here.

2. LoL +

LoL+ Best Leagues of Legends App

Lol Plus is an app that will allow you to carry out many actions related to league of legends, the first thing that will allow you is to continue connected even if you are not sitting at your computer, although in the same way, you will be able to see the status of your contacts and chat with any of them if you wish.

Another of the sections that you can access very easily is the history of recent games you have had, offering you the possibility of reviewing specific statistics, such as the number of deaths you had during a game, the number of kills, assists, gold, and even your farm and that of the entire teams, both yours and the opponent.

You can also see the news about updates, what the changes will be for the next Lol patches, the changes that have been made in the rift, new modifications to the object, and you can even see which objects your friends buy for certain heroes and then put it on practice.

The app is free, it can be downloaded from both app stores (iOs, Android) and you can use the same account you use to log into the MOBA from your computer.

You can download this app here.

3. League Of Graphs

League Of Graphs

League of Graphs is one of the most complete apps when it comes to game analysis, it will allow you to know a lot of important information about the game, such as the strongest champions in each role, in each line, the most selected champions and also those with the highest percentage of victories.

If we want, just by entering the name of a hero, the tool will show us which items are recommended to buy during a game and the order in which we must raise each of the skills to have the best possible performance.

In addition, you will be able to review data such as the league you are currently in, the top summoners that best use a hero, and review the history of your games, and of each player. Not only will you be able to observe minimal data when you visit the profile of another user, but you will access exactly all the information that it gives you when you search for yours.

A really useful app for those who are new to League of Legends and still do not get used to its style of play. We must recognize that inserting into a MOBA without having played one before is somewhat complicated and this app can greatly facilitate the task of adapting to it.

You can download this app here.

4. OP.GG

OP.GG for League is a statistics page on league of legends used by more than 34 million users currently if you want to start winning more and more games this is the app you should select since it will give you the necessary data to progress with more speed and have a better analysis of the macro and microgame.

If a player has insulted you because he claims that he has been better than you during a game, you can check it just by entering your summoner name and his name, and verify data such as damage done, damage received, damage to targets, and compare them with who said blasphemies about you to know if you really played as bad as it seems, on many occasions you may get discouraged by believing everything they tell you, but hey, it is important to check it to find out if it really is, because on many occasions, it will be quite the opposite!

The application is available for free in the Play Store for Android, so you can download it right now, in its web version, we will simply have to access its portal and use the tool in the same way as on our cell phones.

You can download this app here.

5. LolSUMO

LOLSUMO Builds for League

LolSUMO will put an end to the constant search for guides and tutorials in which you waste hours and hours to finish without getting any result, or perhaps not the result you expected. Its intuitive interface and pleasant design will make it much easier for us to visualize our statistics and information about our playing style.

The innovative and great thing about this application is that it will allow us to see live data of the game that we have just started, indicating relevant data of each of the players on the opposing team.

We will be able to know how good they are with a specific champion if they come from losing a game if they have achieved a good streak, and also, data on the way in which they face a game if they risk if they adopt a more defensive position, and All this information will be of great use to us when deciding how to confront our enemy.

You can download this app here.

So, that ends our list of best LOL apps here. We hope that our readers would like this list. Make sure to leave your comments below. We would be happy to hear your thoughts and views.

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