Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts With a Secret Weapon – Proxies

Regardless of whether you use them from brand monitoring, lead generation, sales, or marketing, social media platforms are unavoidable for your business. Social media platforms have made it possible for businesses and brands to communicate and interact directly with their target audience no matter where in the world they’re situated. Instagram has quickly risen through the ranks and proved to have the highest interaction of all platforms. As such, it’s extremely useful for modern marketing practices. However, having multiple accounts can be an issue because of IP bans. So how can you run and create multiple Instagram accounts?

In this article, we’ll look at Instagram proxies, such as those provided by Smartproxy. We’ll also cover how these unique proxies can help you manage multiple accounts without incurring an IP ban, as well as the benefits of using multiple accounts. Keep reading to learn how proxies can help you manage multiple accounts without fear of an IP ban.

What Is an Instagram Proxy?

Managing Multiple Accounts With an Instagram Proxy

An Instagram proxy is a virgin residential proxy that has never been used to create an Instagram account. Just like other proxies, these can still hide your IP address, which means added security for you. Since an Instagram proxy has never been used to create an account, you can use it to create up to four new Instagram accounts per IP address provided by the proxy. This can be extremely useful to social media marketers, marketing agencies, and even individuals that want to use multiple accounts to boost their traffic.

The biggest reason you’d want to use an Instagram proxy is that it’s a residential proxy. Residential proxies are directly linked to the IP addresses of real devices, which means that they look like real users creating accounts. As such, they won’t get banned by the social media platform.

When looking for a proxy provider, it’s important to remember one thing. That is quality over cost. You may decide to go for a cheap proxy to save $20; however, when you start using the proxy, you may get banned. Having your accounts banned negatively impacts your brand reputation and means you have to start all over again – a loss that is much more than the $20 you saved. Look at the proxy providers carefully and compare what they offer and the costs. Also, make sure to look at reviews so that you can choose the best quality proxy for your needs and budget.

Why Is an Instagram Proxy Used to Manage Multiple Accounts?

Social media platforms are some of the most restrictive websites you’ll ever come across. In an effort to protect their users from unnecessary spam and fake accounts, they limit the number of accounts that can be created from a single IP address. When multiple accounts are managed from the same IP address, and there is a high activity level on those accounts, Instagram will detect it. The platform might consider these as spam-like activities and issue an IP ban for all accounts on the network.

Instagram is also notorious for issuing IP bans, and once they do, it can be a real mission to prove you weren’t spamming the platform. There’s also no guarantee that your account will be unfrozen or unbanned. As you can see, this makes it extremely difficult for marketing agencies that have to manage multiple accounts for their clients.

Benefits of Using Multiple Accounts

There are many benefits of using multiple Instagram accounts. Having multiple accounts can help to increase your traffic. This can be done by using automation bots linked to your account and proxy and using these to direct the Instagram account to interact with your main/business account. This can be in the form of likes and comments. By doing this, your content will appear to be popular, which means that Instagram will show it in more user feeds’ increasing your potential traffic.

Multiple accounts can also help you focus on individual marketing vertices by using targeted accounts. For example, managing a department store with many different departments may get better engagement if you split your accounts to target specific sectors. So you can have an account for the furniture section, a different one for the produce section and another for the gardening section. This way, you can narrow down your audience and target the consumers for each section independently.

Multiple accounts can also be used to customize your presence for different locations or countries. Localization is very important. Customers want content that speaks to them in their language, with their culture and sayings. By creating multiple accounts, you can use each account to target a specific localization and meet the demands of your global consumers. After all, consumers want to support businesses they feel understand them and their needs.

Final Thoughts

Being able to create and manage multiple Instagram accounts has many benefits. Whether you’re a digital marketer managing other accounts or a business owner marketing your products and services, there are ways to use many Instagram accounts to your benefit. However, to avoid being banned from the platform for creating too many accounts, you’ll also need an Instagram proxy. By using a proxy, you can start to automate your Instagram accounts by using specialized programs and bots, all to the benefit of your business.

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