Maximizing File Sharing Security- How The Best Solutions Work

Sharing information is imperative to running business operations seamlessly as your employees will need to send across files from time to time. But as they do so, security is always a concern because corporate data is often confidential and valuable. The storage and sharing solutions have to be reliable enough so that you cannot trust them to offer the highest level of security needed when sharing sensitive data.

Businesses need to look for alternative file sharing solutions that are secure enough to give them the confidence and peace of mind they want. When it comes to assessing a solution, you need to ensure that it has certain features that bring maximum security for the files being shared. Here are the ones that make a file-sharing solution secure and trustworthy.

Data encryption

One of the most vital aspects to consider while researching file sharing systems is data encryption. It entails the use of a special algorithm to render sensitive information unreadable by any unauthorized user. With data encryption, you can be sure that only the authorized users or computers can see the decoded versions of data files.

Even if there is a security breach or attack on the system, the hacker can see only the encrypted version of the files. It means that they can hardly exploit any sensitive information of the business because it is coded and protected.

Two-Factor Authentication

Another feature that makes a file-sharing solution extra secure is two-factor authentication. It refers to the process where the system takes additional steps to verify a user’s identity before it allows them to move forward with a specific action. Typically, the users have to pass through two types of identity verification to prove that they are authorized to access any files on the business network.

In addition to giving their username and password while logging in, they will have to complete a mobile identification step by entering a unique code texted to their phone number. The step adds an extra layer of security to the entire process of logging in and accessing the files.

Permission-based user roles

A solution can go the extra mile with security by using permission-based user roles that let the admin control the access to certain files and folders. For example, you may want a user to access only one document related to a task rather than the entire information. Permissions management enables secure file sharing by the designation of selective access to them with just a few clicks.

The feature is highly reliable for ensuring that sensitive information never falls into the wrong hands. It is particularly useful for larger companies where multiple departments and people collaborate on different projects.


Businesses often need to go beyond only safeguarding their files and data from outsides. They are also responsible for protecting the data of their customers because their trust hinges on data privacy. In such cases, organizations need to be compliant with the government and industry-specific regulations. Healthcare, finance, and e-commerce industries have stringent compliance standards they need to follow.

Any breach of consumer data can land them in deep trouble, with legal hassles and reputational damage. If you operate in one of these domains, you need to make sure that your file-sharing system follows the compliance requirements along with having other security features.

Regular updates and maintenance

A business can rely on a file-sharing solution only if it assures regular maintenance and updates to keep itself on top of security and control. Hackers keep coming up with sophisticated ways to compromise with organizational data. A system that does not stay on track with the right security features will not be able to prevent compromise. It will only depreciate in value and security if not upgraded with time.

It is important to look for a solution that offers continuous maintenance through its lifespan. Steps such as running antivirus scans on the files before taking them in and securing on-premise devices periodically can make all the difference.

Data security is something that no business can afford to overlook because loss and breach of confidential information can cost them a fortune. Investing in a secure file sharing solution, therefore, does not remain a choice. It always makes sense to ensure that the system you plan to implement has all the right features so that you can rely on it without second thoughts.

Apart from these features, you may also seek additional attributes based on the specific requirements of your business. When it comes to data security, settle for nothing but the best!

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