Maximizing Productivity With Task Management Apps for Essay Deadlines

If you frequently miss deadlines or forget to get things done on time, you may need to clean up your act. The truth is that college life is relatively flexible and offers students room for self-determination. However, there is often so much work to do that some students feel overwhelmed and choose to drop out of school.

Personal task management tools can be useful in helping students remain organized and on track. These applications make it easy to track deadlines, create to-do lists, and review what is left to be done. As technology advances for the benefit of students and educators, using tack management tools for success has become a no-brainer. Here are some benefits of task management apps and examples of tools students can use.

What Is a Task Management Application?

While task management may sound similar to project management, the two concepts mean different things. On the one hand, task management applications imply tools used to organize and streamline tasks, allowing activities to be prioritized according to their importance. Thus, project management tools are applications designed to help teams plan, track, and manage projects to achieve specific objectives.

The point here is that task management implies monitoring the progress of tasks from start to completion. It means actively making decisions for your tasks, allowing you to accommodate changes as they happen in real time. The benefit of having a task management tool is that you can manage aspects of the task, like time, recurrence, and resources. The tools will help you become more efficient and productive.

Defining Features of Task Management Applications

One of the main objectives of using task management tools is to help teams and individuals stay organized by creating a place to track all their tasks, deadlines, and assignment progress. This prevents students from forgetting important tasks and ensures efficiency and productivity. The best task management applications come with features that can help students schedule tasks and improve their workflow. Here are some notable features to consider when choosing task management applications:

Planning and Scheduling

The ability to plan and schedule activities is one of the most essential features of task management tools. Here, planning entails structuring the entire workflow into simple activities to offer a clear process for things to be done. You can use the tool to set deadlines and schedule the processes for tackling individual tasks or when looking for an essay writing service.


Another important element of successful task management tools is the ability to support collaboration. Evidence shows collaboration can be tricky without the right technological applications, especially in a remote environment. The best task management tools allow students to interact with others as they work on tasks, seeking and giving feedback during the research and writing processes.

Relying on good task management software allows you to streamline the tasks you need to do, especially when working in groups. Team members can share information and seek updates on ongoing activities. Professors can also use task management tools to answer questions about individual projects and track progress.


Automation in task management helps students simplify complicated and complex projects. Consider those projects that demand collaboration, approval of supervisors, and notifying different group members. This type of complex project demands applications that can automate the activities to make things simpler and easily manageable.

Manually managing complex tasks is strenuous and time-consuming. Task management tools that offer automation can help students free up considerable time to work on projects. Students can get automated updates on their assignments and create time to read insights on academic writing from pages such as

Time Tracking

Time tracking is another important feature of quality task management tools. Students who use these tools have the data needed to track the time spent on each project. This allows them to identify the challenge and resource utilization. Students need the time-tracking ability to plan their schedules when working on multiple projects simultaneously. 

What Are the Advantages of Task Management Software?

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Students spend numerous study hours working on tasks that add little value to their academics or processes. Task management applications help students by giving them an overview of the work that needs to be done within a specified period. The applications allow students to integrate time management and planning into their procedures and ensure that the available time is used productively.

The point here is that task management entails monitoring the tasks in your projects from the beginning to the end. It entails making hard decisions to accommodate changes in your tasks as they happen in real time. Task management tools allow students to prioritize tasks and ensure they are focusing on the most crucial activities. This way, students get to enhance their productivity and efficient use of time.

The right task management tools allow collaboration between group members when working on projects. This ensures that every team member is aware of what needs to be done. Students know their responsibilities and can be held accountable for completing their tasks. The tools help students meet deadlines and ensure that every group member is doing their role.

Another benefit of task management tools is that they give you more mental bandwidth. Students already struggle to manage their tasks and remember everything taught in class. You will have more to juggle, especially if you choose to get a part-time job. Task management tools will track all the needs to be done, ensuring you are always on time. Your grades will benefit from the improved organization.

Top Task Management Tools for College Students

Now that you know the top attributes of top task management tools, understand that choosing the best application is a process. Research your options, selecting something affordable while getting optimal functionality. Here are some options to consider:


Trello remains one of the most popular task management tools in the market. Whether you are collaborating on a group project or working individually, Trello allows you to create tasks at home or school and organize them with your peers. You can assign tasks to group members, then compile the findings and create a coherent report.

One of the best things about this tool is that it allows students to see every task component in a unified place. By visually presenting your short and long-term goals, Trello simplifies projects and allows students to remain focused and motivated. Instead of making the assignment goals seem overwhelming, the tool will enable you to break down complex tasks into smaller chunks and track your progress. Using this tool, you can manage your time better and never miss deadlines.


Students struggle to juggle work, school, and personal commitments, especially during the freshman year. Basecamp is a task management tool designed to allow students to manage all their tasks on one organized page. Everything is within the user’s reach, making every information accessible and timely.

Other than the ability to work on many projects at the same time, students using Basecamp also benefit from pings for private conversations and reports to summarize essential elements of their work. They also get notification protections to minimize distractions. With Basecamp, you do not need to have separate applications to manage your chats and share files.


Asana is another helpful task management platform that helps students keep track of the moving parts of their projects. The tool allows users to see everything they need to do at a glance, making it easy to organize projects and schedule tasks in simple and user-friendly ways. The tool allows students to plan, monitor, and complete their assignments on time. They can also collaborate in teams and track multiple tasks to completion. Asana improves collaborations between teams and makes it simple for users to find information relating to tasks. It also provides templates that help with scaling repetitive workflows.

Google Calendar

This simple, free, and efficient time management tool is available for college students. You do not need special skills to operate the application; it helps you plan tasks and stay focused. The tool allows students to track school and work deadlines while building a calendar for each project. They can also share calendars with their peers and create schedules to help them work on important assignments on time.

The Bottom Line

Task management tools are handy as they help students remain focused, track deadlines, and organize complex tasks. The task management tools indicated here allow automation, planning and scheduling, collaboration, and time tracking. Students can use them to plan and schedule what needs to be done and set deadlines to help them remain focused and motivated. The tools are also useful when working on group projects and facilitate information sharing and provision of feedback.

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