Microsoft Office Is Now Available on iPhone and Android

Most people use Microsoft Office on a regular basis, and although these programs work great on their computers, they can sometimes be hard to work on while you’re out and about. With the new version of Microsoft Office for iPhone and Android, you can now take these programs with you wherever you go. There are a variety of new features that you’ll be able to get with this app and open it as we used to do with the National Casino login.

What Is Microsoft Office for iPhone and Android? 

The new Microsoft Office app for Android and iPhone brings together the features of PowerPoint, Excel, and Word making it incredibly easy to switch between these programs when you’re working on the go. Word for Android and iPhone users can change the font, size, and other formatting options. Excel users can create format cells and formulas. PowerPoint users can create slides and use photos from their phones.

The new app from Microsoft allows users to switch between the different programs when they’re working. 

The app is now available for both Android and iOS devices running the latest versions of these platforms. You can download it for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

The Best New Features of the Microsoft Office App

You don’t need to sign in to your Microsoft Office 365 account to use the new app on Android and iPhone. There are a lot of new features that you can utilize to get the most out of it.

Transfer Files From Your Computer to the App and Vice Versa

You can now work from anywhere with the Microsoft Office app. You can send and receive files from Microsoft’s various programs, such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, as well as other files that are under 10MB.

You can enable this feature by opening the Microsoft Office app on your iPhone or Android and tapping the Actions button at the bottom-right corner. You can then choose which files you want to send and receive. You can also use your phone to take a QR code and transfer the files to your computer. To make sure that the pair works, make sure that you select the “pair” option.

Sign PDF Documents Using Your Finger

This feature will aid you to save a lot of time.

To start using this feature, open the Microsoft Office app and select Sign a PDF. You can then add a signature by choosing a file from your device and tapping the “add a signature” button. You can also create a new one by saving it or moving it to the desired location.

Turn a Photo of Text Into a Word Document

The new version of the Microsoft Office app allows users to take a photo of text, and then convert it into a Word document.

After opening the Microsoft Office app, select Documents and then tap the plus sign. You can then take a photo of text by holding your phone’s camera and tapping the “Scan text” button. You can then resize the image to fit around the text that you want to capture, and you can paste it into a Word document or send it to other apps.

Scan a photo of a chart to turn it into an editable Excel spreadsheet

Although this feature is a bit buggy, you can still use it to convert any chart or table into an Excel spreadsheet. In addition to creating formulas, you can also edit the data in the cell.

To use this feature, open the Microsoft Office app and select Documents. Then, take a photo of a table using your phone and tap the “Scan table” button. You can then take a snapshot of the data that you want to capture, and then confirm it so that you can send it to your computer or open it on your device.

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