Mobile optimization for websites and simple tricks to use today

The era of the 21st century has changed the lives of humans compared to any other century. This is because the inventions that have taken place in this century are almost life-changing. And with the introduction of the internet, this has improved dramatically. In todays world, mobile phones are in greater demand than laptops or personal computers. And optimizing your website in that direction can help a lot. Look for agencies in your country like the best SEO Company in Brisbane which has the best digital services for you. For now, let us start with the mobile optimization and the tricks you use –

1. Google’s new updates-

Roughly two years before, Google announced that it would rework its algorithm can rank websites that have better mobile experiences. This was done because google observed that more than 60 percent of its searches were done through mobiles. Also before announcing the update, there were a lot of discussions in understanding how and when would this kind of update would be beneficial. But looking at the current scenarios it’s important that we start researching about it online and understand the fundamental aspects of it more clearly.

2. Mobile is the future –

Since the searches of a search engine are dramatically more on mobile phones compared to laptops this has created a way for further advancement. In fact, after covid19, online learning and education have greatly started on mobile phones. Therefore, it would be wise to say that mobile phones might be the greater aspect looked at by the search engines rather than desktops. Make sure your website works smoothly on mobile phones and focus on improving it there. This will ensure good ranking as it would be pre-optimized and google would rank it much earlier.

3. Screen adaptability-

There are many websites out there on the internet that have a well-defined mobile adaptive screen. This simply means that the website is suited best to view on larger screens as well as mobile phones. Make sure you have checked and made your website in such a way that it suites mobiles phones too. Many times, people forget this and don’t realize the reason why the website is not ranking or getting more impressions. People clicked on your websites but due to a bad mobile experience, they might have shifted to some other website.

4. Mobile optimized themes-

If you are using a WordPress dashboard then you do easily install a mobile-optimized theme. This will help your business because it will load well on mobile phones as well and the user would end up having a great first impression. Therefore, mobile themes are available in the market online and you can install one of them. Make sure you get a backup previously for safety reasons.

Also, observe your visitors and traffic rate and compare how it has increased or decreases. Accordingly, make changes and keep updating your website. Also, you can look at your competitor’s website and find which theme they have installed. Research a bit and we are sure you will find something relevant to your website theme and its optimization.

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