Mobile Technology Gives Gamblers A Bookmaker In Their Pocket

The way in which mobile phones have improved over the past 20 years has been incredible to see. Some great changes and improvements have been made in the mobile industry, with big players such as Apple and Samsung battling against each other to be the best.

Anyone who keeps up to date with the latest Android news will see many big companies and industries mentioned as they build and improve their Android platforms.

One industry that is really making use of the new mobile features on offer is the betting industry, and this has been used to pave the way for mobile betting via apps that can be downloaded by players.

This effectively gives players a bookmaker in their pockets, so anyone who wants to, can place bets when they like.

How Mobile Betting Continues to Grow

Mobile betting continues to move forward and take more of the market share. There are three main options available to punters at the moment. They can head to a local betting shop, which means travelling, they can place bets via a computer, but that means being at home, or bet via a mobile, which can be done from anywhere at any time.

It is easy to see why mobile betting is growing so much when you look at the other options available.

The top bookmakers have multiple apps available for them, depending on the time of gambling you want to do. Punters are taking advantage of this too, and shopping around to try and find themselves a good deal.

Not all bookmakers offer the same odds, so you may get a better deal elsewhere than the one your current bookmaker has on offer. With competition fierce, punters need to use their ability to shop and go with where they find the best deal.

Additional Features of the Mobile Betting Industry

One area where the betting industry has really improved is with the features that are now available. These were missing when mobile betting apps first came out, but they are now all there.

For example, if you want to stream tennis games from the ATP Tour, or you want to watch live Premier League betting markets, check results or contact the customer support team with a query, you can do it all on your mobile app.

The key to all of this is that anyone who wants to bet via a mobile app, no longer needs to bet in another other way. You could sign up, place all your bets, do everything you need and get help, all without ever using anything other than your phone.

Mobile customers have everything at their fingertips.

What Will Happen Over the Next Decade?

There is one key piece of technology that we are yet to see in the betting industry, and while it could eventually appear, it is unlikely to cover everything that punters will want it to.

This is voice-activated software. Your phone will more than likely already have this, you may use it, many apps do, or if not you may have devices such as Alexa, which take advantage of it.

It would be no surprise to see betting banned from this, so you couldn’t actually place a bet using the voice software. However, we could still see it used on the apps for information purposes.

This means you could use it to ask your app what the latest prices are, how much is in your balance, what the latest results are and much more. Voice software is being used to take many industries forward, with an added layer of convenience for those using it. You may not be able to bet using it, but don’t be surprised to see bookmakers adding this in the near future.

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