Must have Android apps for crypto nerds

Cryptocurrency is a topic that refuses to lie down and die. The legendary volatility of Bitcoin that led to such phenomena as Laszlo Hanyecz effectively paying $300 million for two pizzas was a source of great news headlines, but it also proved that Bitcoins and other cryptos would surely never be practical for regular use.  

Yet the market has matured, crypto is more popular than ever and even the significant drop in value over the past 12 months has done little to dampen public enthusiasm. If you are thinking of getting on the crypto bandwagon, there is, as they say, an app for that. In fact, there are several, depending on what you have in mind. Here, we take a look at a few favorites. 

Bitcoin ticker 

Whatever else they tell you, the most popular reason for owning Bitcoin remains as a trading instrument. Making a quick buck on the trading market demands a little luck a lot of nerves and the very latest information. Bitcoin Ticker is one of those little apps where you wonder how you ever managed without it about 10 minutes after installing it. You can set it for a range of other currencies too, and although you can fiddle with themes and the like if you wish, this ap is really all about concise information at your fingertips with up to the second accuracy. 

7Bit Casino 

If there is one area in which crypto is starting to become almost as popular as regular money, it is within the iGaming sector. While buying a pizza with Bitcoin is a bit of fun, using Bitcoin to fund your casino gaming account has a lot of positives, ranging from transaction speed to anonymity to security. You have a lot of choice if you want to play at crypto casinos, and Gamblica provides full details in its independent review page. Right now, 7Bit is top of their list. The site has a native Android app, is fully optimized for mobile play and is even handing out generous bonuses to new members. 


Want to get out there and spend your digital currency in the physical world? The notion of Bitcoin ATMs flies somewhat in the face of cryptocurrency’s original MO, but the people have spoken so who are we to argue? The truth is there are more Bitcoin ATMs around than you probably imagined and this cool little app from Gefara places them all in the palm of your hand. It claims to work all over the world, or at least anywhere that Bitcoin ATMs can be found, so give it a try! 


There are almost as many trading apps you can install on an Android as there are mobile casinos. That’s fair, as some might say both are all about gambling on Bitcoin at heart.  BlockFi is a good place to start, as it is reasonably well established, has frequent updates so is well supported and will cost you nothing to install.  

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