New Casino Trends In 2021

Online casinos have become more refined and have developed tremendously in recent years. As a result, many players have moved from playing at traditional land-based establishments to new online casinos. Research estimates that revenues from the global online gaming industry by 2021 will reach around $1 trillion!

In this article, we take a closer look at what we expect to see in the further development of the global online gaming industry in 2021, and what impact this will have on players’ experiences.

Mobile-first approach

Gamblers find mobile casino deals convenient because they can play real-money games while at home or on the go. In the next few years, there will undoubtedly be a high increase in the number of mobile casino games.

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic COVID-19, there has been a huge increase in the number of registered players on online betting and casino sites. There has also been an increase in the number of virtual sports you can play, poker and casino games, as well as the best online pokies for real money, and this will probably continue in the years to come.

It is first and foremost the HTML5 technology that has made it possible for new casinos to develop the possibility of online gaming on mobile devices without having to visit a land-based casino. More and more operators have also developed their own apps for easy access to games on their websites.

Given that the number of players is constantly increasing, software developers will continue to develop different types of games players can enjoy on their phones. An estimate from recent research says that the mobile gaming industry will have a share of around 59% of the gaming market by the end of 2021.

Virtual Reality (VR) games

VR is constantly evolving and changes how we see the gaming industry significantly. Although it has not yet spread as fast as many expected just a few years ago, it is expected that online casinos will embrace the adoption of VR games in the near future.

VR-enabled casinos give players the experience of playing at a real land-based casino. All you need are your own VR device, guaranteeing yourself an experience like never before. It is likely that a significant number of casinos will adopt this technology, as it will improve online gaming interactivity and give players a total experience.

Cryptocurrency casinos

While there are many opportunities to deposit and withdraw money from one’s casino account, it seems that cryptocurrency-based casinos are more efficient for several reasons. First, they eliminate third parties and thus offer complete anonymity.

In addition, they help circumvent costs from financial institutions. Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, is without a doubt a fast, convenient and secure payment system since it uses blockchain technology.

Fewer crowds in land-based casinos

In recent times, sports betting has taken the highest share of the online gambling market. More and more players are betting on their favourite sporting events such as football, tennis, basketball and much more.

Given the availability of cheap and affordable mobile phones, and how easy and efficient it is to pay for their online bets, it is expected that more and more players will prefer to place their bets online instead of going to the physical bookies in the future.

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