The new Google Pixel 6 Pro gets a cool camera

For many users, the camera on a smartphone is the most important element in the gadget. It’s often the deciding chip when buying one. According to recent leaks, the main reason to buy the new device from Google will be the camera. It has to be said that the Pixel range of smartphones hasn’t been known for its photo quality before, but the processing algorithms and Google Camera app have always elevated the Pixel to the top of all the top mobile camera rankings.

In the new Pixel 6 range, Google will improve the camera hardware in a way it has never done before. Plus, the new smartphone will have its own chip, so you can have even better control over post-processing.

If any photographer is seriously considering buying a second-hand mirrorless camera, one must always consult with an expert or a camera buff about the camera shutter count of the particular model & brand which he/she intends to buy for taking pixel-perfect shots.

Recently, our foreign colleagues at XDA revealed the new photo capabilities that the Google Pixel 6 will get. These have been revealed thanks to a file in the new version of the Google Camera app, which the craftsmen extracted from the firmware of the company’s next flagship.

How the Pixel 6 shoots video

According to the leaks, the new Pixel 6 Pro will get support for shooting 4K 60fps video, but the feature will only be available in the main camera module. All others will be limited to 4K at 30fps.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Shoots Video
Pixel 6 will receive a new and improved camera.

I’ve tried shooting 4K 60 fps on different smartphones. Yes, the picture quality is really impressive, but in my opinion, absolutely not worth it. Such videos take up too much space. Not a single cloud is enough.

As for the zoom in the camera, everything is more than decent. At 60 frames per second, the zoom will be 7x. If you plan to record video at 4K 30 fps or 1080p 30 fps, however, you can zoom up to 20x.

Another interesting feature will be the ability to switch between camera modules: main, wide and telephoto when limiting the resolution to 4K at 30fps.

When taking photos, the zoom level will also be within these limits. Since the Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t support 4K 60 fps via a telephoto lens or ultra-wide, it obviously can’t switch seamlessly to these lenses when recording at this quality.

Pixel 6 Pro’s front camera

We’ve previously heard that the new Pixel will get an improved front camera, but no details have been divulged about it. Now another clue has emerged. The XDA publication has done some serious digging into Google Camera’s software code and found an interesting fact: the code contains references to the zoom level.

Pixel 6 Pro's front camera
The new Pixel 6 Pro will receive a wide-angle front camera.

These are extremely similar to the existing Pixel 3 and 3 XL. But, what sets the third model apart from all the others in terms of front-facing? Those who follow smartphones from Google will have no problem answering that question. Of course, it’s the widescreen.

Yes, according to leaks, the new Pixel will get a front-facing wide-angle camera. Only the top-end model is expected to get it. The classic smartphone lineup won’t be able to boast of its presence. The source believes that the Selfie camera on the Pixel 6 Pro will have two zoom levels: 0.7X and 1.0X.

What the Google camera can do

Manual white balance adjustment

The company’s new smartphones are expected to get manual white balance adjustment. This is where we need to remember the apple fans and give the guys a quiet pat on the shoulder. My iPhone 11 companion is constantly using different editors to get a more or less tolerable picture.

A trick, indeed, very useful. In my experience, it is especially useful for taking pictures at night when there is only artificial light. Your phone shoots poorly in such conditions.

Pixel 6 Pro make an object disappear from a photo
Now you can remove an extra object from the photo directly in the Camera application.

How to make an object disappear from a photo

It often happens that you take a picture of a beautiful landscape and it gets spoiled by a cat running across the road. It would be nice to remove it from the photo at all, but now you need to download additional software for this purpose. We wrote about it in our selection of the best applications for Instagram, I recommend you to read it.

The folks at XDA think that a similar feature will natively appear in the new Google Camera app. It will be called Magic Eraser. Well, if Google introduces something like this, photo post-processing will literally take off to a new level. Well, we wait.

Baby camera mode

In the new Pixel, the camera is expected to learn to automatically spot children in the frame and take pictures when it recognises them. It’s not clear why this is needed and how it will be implemented eventually, but I think the feature will appeal to many. Those who have ever photographed a child will understand.

Smartphone with support for external microphones

This feature is sure to appeal to users who are just trying their hand at blogging. Indeed, YouTube has become so ubiquitous lately that it’s hard to believe.

Anyone who’s ever tried to make a YouTube video knows that making a pretty picture on a smartphone camera is easy, but getting good sound on the record is an art form. Now with the Pixel 6, you can shoot your videos directly on your smartphone and not worry about the sound is poor quality.

Back light Pixel 6 Pro
Now you will definitely not miss the moment of shooting on your smartphone.

Some other features have also been added that are worthy of our attention. For example, a feature where the delayed shot timer will be duplicated via the flash. You can now easily put the camera on a tripod and not worry that you won’t have time to react to the shutter.

By the way, the flash has also been worked on the front camera. The FRONT TORCH function is expected to appear here. Rumour has it that the new version of the smartphones will have the ability to activate a white background with maximum brightness on the screen, which should replace the flash to users.

What do you think about the new camera capabilities of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro? Be sure to share your opinion in the comments below!

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