Nodes as the most important part of the blockchain

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Today, the most popular sector of the crypto currency space is decentralized finance (DeFi). And this is obvious, because it is here that the possibility of obtaining high incomes is hidden. This fact motivates developers to create new decentralized applications (DApps) in this direction. Experts know that in order to create a full-fledged DApp, it is necessary, first of all, to launch a full node in order to be able to connect to the blockchain.

Launching a full node is expensive and, of course, there is a desire to find an alternative, more affordable approach. Such an approach exists, and it does not imply complex technical solutions that require users and developers to have any specific skills. We are talking about nodes as a service, one of the popular products of our service.

The role of nodes in the blockchain

In our daily life, we use all kinds of gadgets, with the help of which we activate many different applications from various companies. Using these applications, we communicate with a particular company using a specific code. Something similar happens with any DApp. The only difference is that the interaction involves not the servers of any companies, but a certain chain of interconnected blocks or, simply speaking, a blockchain.

If we describe the main role of the blockchain in simple words, it will look like this: the blockchain is a kind of network that ensures the security of any financial transactions and prevents external unauthorized manipulative interference in any network data.

Like any network, the blockchain needs its own nodes, which must ensure the exchange of data between themselves or accumulate them at the end point of the network. Being, in fact, a self-sufficient device in the blockchain network, the corresponding node performs its own functions. We list some of them, but not limited to this list: approval / rejection of transactions, analysis / transaction management, encoding / storing information in a block, etc.

One of the main advantages of nodes is their uniqueness and openness. The uniqueness of each node is that it has a personal identifier, which makes it possible to “see” it on the network at any time. And the openness of a node means its ability to provide any user with free access to data on completed transactions at any time. Thanks to the nodes, the blockchain network is not afraid of any catastrophes and cataclysms, because even after them, the presence of only one node guarantees the restoration of the entire network. Speaking pathetically, there is no node – there is no blockchain!

Node launch requirements

There are a variety of types of nodes. We list some of them, but not limited to this list: full nodes, supernodes, light nodes, main nodes, pruned nodes, etc. Depending on the purpose of the nodes, the tasks they perform, and the type of data that users want to receive, it may take a certain time to synchronize information and a certain way to maintain the nodes.

One of the most popular questions from users is whether it is possible to run a node on their own? In principle, it is possible, but for this, a certain technical environment of the user must be observed. This concerns, first of all, the technical characteristics of the computer itself, which must have a fairly high power. Next, we are talking about the uninterrupted connection of a computer to a network or work in a 24/7 cycle, as well as ensuring that there will be no power outages or emergency network outages. And, of course, the Internet connection itself should be widely channeled without the risk of breaking the Internet link.

From all of the above, the following conclusion can be drawn. If the user has sufficient technical capabilities and can use one of the methods to launch, then launching the node on his own will not be impossible for him, especially since this allows him to manage the node without problems and without damaging his personal data. However, if there are certain technical difficulties, launching a node on its own can be problematic. Our service will help the user get away from these problems. For these purposes, we will provide resources and infrastructure, technology, appropriate maintain and security guarantees.

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