The all in one Android App you need to keep on top of your career

The trucking industry is booming but being and being a truck driver can be a long and arduous job but luckily there are lots of apps out there that are designed to help make your lives easier. You can pick from navigations tools, service guides, document management systems, and weather predictors to help you pass the time. When travelling long distances, crossing state lines, and even time zones, it can be difficult to find your way around and driving into the path of a tornado is the last thing you want!

However, being a trucker and living life on the road means that it can be hard to stay up to date with other aspects of the job that are just as important. To stay up to date with things like industry news and developments, and job and career opportunities, previously you would have to download a series of applications to give you the full picture. But not anymore, a new android app for the trucking industry has been released which helpfully brings together all of these aspects in one slick and easy to use application and it is available for download on Android now.

The iTrucking app has been created with the hectic lifestyle of truck drivers in mind. It combines a well-designed and easy to navigate interface with high quality content and it appreciates the requirement for busy drivers to stay on top of the key developments within their field.


The application provides up to date listings for job and career openings across the trucking sector. Providing details of all types of work from office based, to logistics, to on the road roles, it can easily be filtered by location, salary, or type of work. Keeping your eye out for further opportunities to progress your career in an industry with a shortage of good quality employees, should be on everyone’s agenda yet it is often something that people don’t find the time to do. Having all this in one easy to access location means that with a swipe of your phone you can see what is new, and if there is a new position or opening that you should really be considering.


There are many portals out there that include trucking and truck related news in their feeds but iTrucking focuses on JUST the news that is relevant to the sector. No more scrolling through posts and stories that don’t apply to you. And no more missing key developments and news items because you haven’t downloaded 15 different apps to allow you to get the full picture. This application provides content that offers insight into the matters that affect truckers. As well as offering opinion and analysis on things that will directly impact the sector.


Another unique feature about the application is its chat room feature. Using this, you can log in and instantly connect with other drivers in the state, country, or even across the world. This platform allows you to find out information, discuss relevant matters or issues. Also helps to stay abreast of what is going on and where. It really is an invaluable feature for those that live their lives on the road and can offer company and solidarity at times when you are stuck miles from anywhere or anyone.

This application really is a must have for those that live their lives on the road and it provides an important function for those who take their work seriously and want to stay up to date, and in touch with the things that are important to them. The makers understand truckers and the trucking lifestyle and will only give information that is directly relevant.

The app is functional, slick, and easy to use as well. Which means that you do not have to spend time faffing around trying to work out how to use it.

For busy professional out on the road, this really is the best option.

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