Oneplus Vs Samsung: Which one is the best Smartphone Brand

OnePlus is a Chinese technological company that makes mostly smartphones. The co-founders, Pete Lau (CEO) and Carl Pei (Director) had started the company up in late 2013. Both Lau and Pei formerly worked for some other Chinese technology brand named Oppo, a subsidiary company of BBK Electronics.

Although it might seem that OnePlus would be a subsidiary company of Oppo, both companies did not accept this. Instead, they each claim to believe that OnePlus is its own separate brand. However, because of their close connection with BBK overseeing both of them, OnePlus has access to various Oppo infrastructure and material. This helps OnePlus create products much cheaper in the smartphone market since it doesn’t need to fully invest in its own R&D, manufacturing equipment, etc.

Samsung on the other hand is a South Korean multinational conglomerate. The company is built from foundation and is founded by Lee Byung-chul. Samsung the company as a whole specializes in smartphones, laptops, televisions and more growing technology equipment.

Both companies are under the bracket of budget mobile phones although some of Samsung’s smartphone models go at a steeper price module.

Although the price range of Samsung and Oneplus do not match other higher-level smartphones like iPhone, nonetheless both these companies are premium smartphones with respect to their processor and storage with an overall premium finish. Samsung’s OLED screens are so good that Apple has been buying their screens to use in their own smartphones.

Reasons why Samsung peaks OnePlus in the smartphone market

There are some features which makes Samsung a unique mobile phone brand. These include features like:-

  • Samsung DeX: You can connect your Galaxy mobile to computer screen and access some of the mobile apps in big screen through using a cable. It is like using desktop mode for mobile. You can view everything on a large screen.
  • Samsung Pay: there is no need to carry any credit or debit cards anymore. Samsung pay supports both contactless payments using NFC and magnetic stripe transactions. ‘MST’ is Samsung’s patented technology. Through MST, merchants can accept payments on regular card machines which makes Samsung Pay the most widely accepted mobile payment service. You can authenticate the card before payment using Iris security, Fingerprint scanning, or through a PIN.
    • Samsung Pay works everywhere where you can swipe or tap your card, making shopping or dining easier and more convenient than ever.
    • Samsung Pay also supports BHIM payment or UPI payment, you can send money through Samsung pay. Bill payments are also available.
    • Samsung Pay has partnered with almost major banks in India, making Samsung Pay accepted worldwide.
  • Google Pay or Paytm never works in payment terminals (POS terminals). Only Samsung pay supports terminal payments. There is no alternative to Samsung Pay as Apple pay and LG pay does not work in India).
  • If you are using a Windows 10 laptop, you can synchronise your Galaxy mobile with your laptop using the Windows phone connect app. You can thereby make or receive calls, send messages, view your gallery photos, or get notifications. These features are available in all android phones also directly from laptop.

But more interestingly you can access some of your applications which are installed in mobile phones through the Laptop screen. No cable will be required, just a stable Wi-Fi connection is enough. When you turn on your laptop, it automatically connects and synchronises everything. This is only possible with Samsung because Microsoft has partnered with Samsung.

  • These are the unique features which One Plus doesn’t offer. And after sale service, customer service is best in Samsung.
  • Chinese brands like oneplus mobile are famous only for their Camera, screen, or more powerful professors. They show higher specs for a lesser price.

But after adding all their pros to buying the phone and compare It to a Samsung phone, it would not look that good as Samsung has been in the game much longer than Oneplus.

  • Talking about cameras of both the companies, the two most notable trends are that Samsung punches up the colour saturation and its HDR effect can blow out highlights.
  • OnePlus is more conservative and realistic with its colours and white balance, but is much heavier on the sharpening post-processing. Thus, Samsung tends to get more real and better pictures.

Samsung has with time introduced many top-notch accessories to their phones and thus have beaten oneplus. Samsung has got really good quality screens with their smartphones and going on to their other devices such as their TVs and laptops as well.

They have a lot of gain from the corporate world as their phones such as the Note series are very easy to use in a work environment such as an office or a factory due to reasons such as their long battery life, hard durability and most importantly their Samsung pen which fits inside the smartphone.

The s series is the luxury line with nothing cut short and all expectations covered. From amazing cameras and a fast processor, it also has Powershare which allows you to share batteries with other devices by just touching them together. Whether it be one Samsung phone to another of a power bank or even earbuds.

Thus, in conclusion Oneplus as a company does not look at variety as an option. Instead, they go ahead and gamble on the thought that their phone will be a hit. They release around 2 smartphones per year thus making their variety not that much. As this year the oneplus nord was released and also the Oneplus 8t but the sales of the 8t were not that much due to the nord being less expensive.

After realizing this oneplus has reduced the sale of the oneplus nord so that people will buy the oneplus 8t. on the other hand Samsung releases various different kinds of phones constantly thus giving different options to different people according to their budget and price range.

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