Online games to play in 2022

Game developers try to please gamers as often as possible and release updates. Not all games are new, but due to updates, gamedevs breathe new life into projects.

What games to play in 2022:

  • Destiny 2 and the new kings fall raid
  • Valorant
  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty Warzone

Destiny 2 and new update

A new update from the Bangie company brought Destiny 2 to the game. An old but reworked King Fall raid. The developers will add new weapons and modify the entire process of passing the raid.

The task of the players will remain unchanged. Enter the zone, destroy the minions and the main boss of the raid to get the best reward available on the server.

In addition, players are waiting for story quests that tell the history of continents and planets, various tasks, PVP modes, strikes and raids.


A game created to break the hegemony of CS:GO in the online shooter market. Being in a sense a clone of the game from Valve, Valorant significantly expands the individual capabilities of the players on the map by adding a system of characters and unique skills that affect the course of the game.

So in the game, attacking, defensive, blocking and strengthening skills are available.

The game map is divided into control zones and is divided into three directions, everything is like in CS:GO. The task of one team is to destroy the enemy, or to plant a bomb and let it explode. The bomb is called Spike. The task of the second team, respectively, is either to destroy the enemies, or to clear the bomb if it was installed.

Apex Legends

Like CS:GO and Valorant, Apex as a game was created as an opponent of PUBG with new mechanics and an attempt to oust a competitor in the royal battle genre.

Battle royale – a genre in which many players are thrown over the playing area with their bare hands. All ammunition and weapons are randomly generated and players will have to look for it on their own. The game takes place in the death match style and each player is an enemy to the other, if it is not a team game.

The task of each player is to survive and destroy as many opponents as possible. The playing area will constantly shrink, forcing players to move towards the center of the map and constantly fight, rather than sit in one place. The player who remains alive last and becomes the winner.

Apex is a titan fall 2 universes adapted to the royal battle. The game, unlike PUBG on the arma engine, is more dynamic, but no less hardcore.

The developers went in the direction of a reasonable action, while in PUBG you can move around the map for hours slowly destroying opponents like in a tactical simulator – this is certainly more realistic, but this format is not suitable for everyone and the apex developers offered their vision of the royal battle project.

The main thing that is in Apex is the networking of weapons of the near future with the corresponding weapons.

Call of Duty Warzone

Another attempt to take away the laurels of PUBG in the royal battle genre. But the developers went the simpler way.

A new mode has just been added to the Call of Duty game world. With dynamics, a lot of weapons and equipment.

In fact, the developers proposed a new format, more dynamic than the original PUBG, but less futuristic than Apex Legends.


Valorant will appeal to those players who want to diversify the game mode from CS:GO and play a game in which you need not only to shoot accurately and know game tactics, but also be able to correctly use the abilities of your character Scout corners, block approaches, smoke out opponents, speed up your movement and other abilities that benefit the team.

Thus, in the market of games about the royal battle, its backbone was formed for every taste.

If you like a realistic survival simulator, then PUBG based on the ARMA 2 engine is the perfect choice.

If you like action and a more casual approach to battle royale, then Call of Duty Warzone is the perfect option.

If you want both the dynamics and networking of the future, then APEX Legends will be a good solution.

Of course, it is advisable to try out all three games and choose what you like.

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