Ottawa Video Production: 7 Popular Video Production Trends

Video production in Ottawa is constantly evolving, as every year, new technologies emerge and change the way we create consumer content. There will always be new gears, new formats, and people expect a mini-revolution across businesses and media. Today, we will talk about the different ways in which Ottawa video production is evolving.

Popular Trends in Ottawa Video Production

Access to cameras and video editors

A lot of video-focused websites are now offering communication, entertainment, and editing capabilities. And having access to low-cost cameras and video editors has made it even easier to create videos. More videos are uploaded online in one month than TV networks have created in 3 decades. Videos are getting in the hands of everyone.

And as online video continues to become a part of our internet experience, there will be a need to make them accessible to those who have disabilities. Pages like Facebook have already implemented auto-captioning tools, but this technology is still not perfect. Developers and video players are increasingly adding features that help fix the issues, to ensure that people with disabilities are also able to enjoy the content. This may become an area of focus for video production companies in Ottawa to innovate and make their content more inclusive.


One of the most popular trends that will always gain traction online is the rise of Cinemagraphs. These are usually still photos where a subtle, repeated movement occurs within a certain part of the image. They are made using photo editors to composite a series of photos or video recordings into just one seamless loop. It’s like gifs, but the fusion of photography and film makes this illusion that viewers are watching an animation. It looks like those moving newspapers from the Harry Potter movies.

Benefits of cinemagraphs:

  • Cinemagraphs offer more excitement compared to photos, without the complexity of videos.
  • It needs creativity that allows content creators to tell visual stories.

Higher K devices

Camera resolution has always been increasing over the past 30 to 40 years, and the current generation is almost too good. People are already jumping from 1080p to 4k screens while higher resolution cameras keep emerging. It’s only reasonable considering that a lot of graphics cards that people use today couldn’t even handle the massive file size of 5K, 6K, or 8K videos. Some video producers in Ottawa already upgraded, but these cutting-edge devices need more time to become the practical standard.

Benefits of higher K devices:

  • The greater the resolution, the better the quality video productions in Ottawa create.
  • The color depth may reach 12 color bits compared to the ones we currently have, which is 10 for Full HD.

Long-form content

Most marketing content videos are 1 to 2 minutes in length. Long-form content videos, on the other hand, runs 10 to 30 minutes. The latter has a bright future in a world where videos continue to dominate online. The consumption of this format has increased every year, even though a lot of the videos run 9 minutes on average.

Benefits of long-form content:

  • Long-form content videos offer a capacity for storytelling, which creates an opportunity for brands to connect with an audience in an emotional sense.  In an environment where people compare reviews and prices online, the connection of these videos helps establish a sense of trust.
  • Longer videos help find qualified leads. Those who invest time in a 10-minute video or longer are likely to convert for a business.
  • SEO gets a boost the more time people spend on watching long-form videos.

LinkedIn videos

As more and more people turn to LinkedIn for video marketing, there are different areas to examine:

  1. LinkedIn user’s profile. This is where the videos can be featured to provide overviews and introductions.
  2. LinkedIn Publisher. This is the site’s dedicated space for content creators to provide long-form content. This will require a post with at least 400 words.
  3. LinkedIn native video. Publishing videos on LinkedIn now hosts videos directly on the platform. While this is still considered a new feature, native video posts on pages like Facebook get 10 times more reach compared to YouTube links.

Benefits of LinkedIn videos:

  • LinkedIn is a mostly untapped resource, especially when it comes to effective video marketing.
  • LinkedIn activity continues to grow, as more people become aware of this potential.

Vertical Video

The demand for mobile video has skyrocketed because smartphones further integrate with our everyday lives. In fact, in 2018 alone, more than 75% of video content was viewed on a mobile device. And since a lot of mobile videos are shot vertically, most brands are starting to adapt this content to their upright format. Thanks to Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and TikTok, brands who want to engage audiences in a mobile-driven society now use concise bite-sized videos.

Benefits of vertical videos:

  • Vertical videos fill a viewer’s entire phone screen, which reduces distractions or options to click somewhere else.
  • The screen is limited, which allows for only one point of focus per frame.

Now while these two may provide a challenge for marketers or content creators, they also present an opportunity for Ottawa video production to keep the attention of the audience.

VR adoption

The gaming industry has offered a home for most virtual reality experiences in the past few years. However, as more industries continue to adopt technology, you can see the applications of VR to increase. These video experiences can change the way we work, learn, and play. Now that VR devices are more accessible to the public, there’s a shift in the way Ottawa video production brands to engage a new generation of tech-savvy followers.

Benefits of VR adoption:

  • VR has found its way outside of entertainment – even the military is using this technology to provide simulation training to the recruits.
  • Medical schools use VR now to practice surgeries in consequence-free learning environments.
  • There may still be technological limitations at this time, but this type of content will continue to grow to revolutionize the way Ottawa video production content is created.

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