The 7 Photo Apps Every Traveler Needs To Download

You don’t need to be a professional photographer or the most creative person in the world to make the photos of your next trip more beautiful and fun. In this list, we gather some of the best photo apps for Android/iOS for travelers that help to capture moments, in the right way!

Traveling without taking souvenir photos is just not possible, right?

And, as much as many of us would like to, we are not professional photographers. What could be cooler than looking at amazing pictures of a trip to remember the good moments?

The truth is that, since the advent of smartphones, our lives have become a lot easier. Not that anyone can go around saying they are a photographer, far from it. But with the applications that we have at our disposal nowadays, it has become much easier to transform that photo into something worthy of sharing with friends on social networks.

And without having to invest that kind of money in a super camera that many times we won’t take off the automatic and that can be a huge burden to carry around during the trip.

Since I love taking pictures, I am always researching or asking my photographer friends which apps they use and recommend when they are shooting with just their cell phone (yes, in many occasions they even prefer them!).

I have made a list of the 7 best applications for Android smartphones and iPhones that every traveler must have on his/her cell phone and that will help in many occasions.

VSCO app


—for iOS and Android, free

One of the most popular photo editing apps out there is also a favorite among photo professionals. It is very simple and intuitive and offers a wide variety of filters for those who do not know or do not want to edit saturation, contrast, etc. manually. It also offers a camera with functions such as focusing on two objects at once. After editing the photos you can also post them, a kind of Instagram version.


2. Snapseed

—for iOS and Android, free

Another photo editing app, Snapseed also has ready-made filters to enhance your photos, but its strong point is the editing tools for those who like to “play” with it (me!), but in a super easy and practical way. You can work on the whole image or choose some parts to change, just by using your fingers. It offers more options for filters and frames than VSCO. I personally use VSCO more.

3. LongExpo

—for iOS and Android, free

Surely you have seen a photo where something is in motion and you can only see the “trail” of it (or a long exposure photo). If you thought that this effect could only be achieved with a super-powerful camera, you were wrong! With this application, it is possible to take long exposure photos and then still make several adjustments to get them just the way you imagined. You can adjust the exposure time, adjust colors, and other things.

4. 360 Panorama

—for iOS and Android, $1.99

If a normal photo is not enough for you, this app might be the solution. It captures 360-degree images and allows you to get a more complete spatial notion of places. Super simple to use, just press the button as if you were taking a normal photo and rotate until the image is complete.

The application indicates the areas where you need to go back, so there’s no mistake. And you can even share it directly on social networks. I’m a fan! Ah, the photo is of the hotel where I stayed in Bali last time (note: the photos are not deformed when you see them in the app itself, unlike the one above)

5. Posing App

for iOS and Android, free

Tired of just taking selfies and having no inspiration or talent as a photographer? Calm down, this app can help you. It suggests (with drawings) several poses for you to suggest to your targets in various situations.

There are options for men, women, children, groups, weddings, etc. There are more than 300 ideas to use with your “models”. In addition, the app offers tips for taking pictures of people.

Photoshop express app

6. Prisma

for iOS and Android, free

You have already posted a million photos from your trip and your creativity has run out? why not try Prisma? It is an addictive app with the most amazing filters ever.

With a simple touch, you can transform your photo into a work of art inspired by other famous ones, such as Edvard Munch’s The Scream, Picasso, Van Gogh, Roy Liechtenstein, and others. I want to use them all in every photo!

7. Boomerang

—for iOS and Android, free

You’ve surely seen someone posting one of these few-second videos where someone makes a movement that goes back and forth endlessly. Thanks to Boomerang. Besides being super addictive (you want to make videos of everything with it), it is great for creative people.

Whether it’s recording you having a beer on the beach, the seawater coming and going on the sand, or a plane going up at the airport, the possibilities are endless. As you can see in my video above, on the famous Lombard St in San Francisco.

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