PPV Too Expensive? Watch DAZN with a VPN for Cheap

It’s no secret that PPV events are super expensive. Fortunately, streaming sites like DAZN are aiming to replace the PPV model with much more affordable monthly subscription models. On the other hand, their coverage isn’t the greatest at the moment. While they’ve expanded into 200 countries (from the original nine), only boxing fans have anything to be excited about.

The good news is that you can avoid regional restrictions and watch all of DAZN’s programming wherever you are. ProPrivacy has some great VPN alternatives here that will reliably unblock DAZN events in your area. Here’s how.

How to Watch DAZN Using VPN

Did you know you could watch NBA matches on German DAZN, but not in the US? If these kinds of licensing problems are giving you headaches, you’re not alone. However, the solution is easy. Simply connect to a VPN server in Germany, and you can watch the full DAZN offering from the area.

Of course, you can’t get the whole package in just one country. Why would executives want to make things easier for paying users, right? Luckily, you can just hop to another VPN region at the click of a button. Simply select another country from your provider’s list and you’re set. As mentioned, you need not pay extra for their PPV events – unlike what you’d expect from ESPN and other networks.

You may want to check DAZN’s programming to see what they offer in each country, but otherwise, it’s not difficult to get the content you want. All the DAZN VPN recommendations linked in the beginning have servers in dozens of countries. Although nine countries are all you need to unlock the full DAZN library, you can use the extra ones for Netflix and other streaming platforms.

Increase Your DAZN Streaming Speeds

Besides helping you bypass geo-restrictions, VPNs encrypt your traffic so you don’t have to deal with hackers and greedy ISPs that sell your data. An unfortunate side-effect of that process is a slight decrease in Internet speeds. Your data also needs to travel much further before reaching its destination, so that can affect your connection as well.

Don’t worry, though – there are a couple of things that can improve your DAZN streaming speeds and not have the fighters lag on screen. Here’s what you need to know.

Server Location

Pick a VPN server that’s closer to your location. For example, you can catch Premier League matches in both Canada and Spain. Now, if you live in France, you obviously don’t want to connect to a Canadian server if you want the fastest speeds.

Encryption Strength

Choose a weaker VPN encryption protocol if your provider supports it. PPTP is the weakest, and the NSA can crack it within minutes, making it really bad for security. Hackers and intelligence agencies are probably not interested in your sports-watching habits, though – meaning it’s a good choice for streaming.


Switch from TCP to UDP. These two protocols influence how you send and receive data. If you need a reliable connection (e.g. sending work files without errors), TCP is a great choice. Unfortunately, it’s much slower. UDP is great for streaming because of its faster speeds – all you need to worry about are some slight dips in video quality here and there.

Split Tunneling

Good news, most providers recommended in the beginning support this feature. It’s great for those with slower connections, because you can select which apps use the VPN. As mentioned, encrypting your traffic can put a load on your connection. If you’re not doing any sensitive network operations (such as online banking), it’s safe to encrypt only parts of your traffic. That’s the common reasons NordVPN is popular in Canada, and other countries of the world.

Leave the heavy lifting to your ISP’s servers and notice an overall increase in speeds. In your case, all you need to do is have your VPN encrypt your web browser’s traffic (or the DAZN app on Android and iOS). This will let you unblock DAZN programs without putting any unnecessary strain on your connection.

There are other factors you could improve (such as getting a stronger CPU for fast encryption), but these four should be enough to smoothen your experience. Obviously, the best solution is to just get a VPN with fast servers. ProPrivacy has some lightning-fast DAZN VPN providers on their list, so make sure to check those out.

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