Pros and Cons of Budget Smartphones

Going frugal for mobile phones could seem budget-friendly and feasible right now, but most mobile phones under 10000 can only last so long before you have to invest in another one. But remember that if you are interested in buying the gadgets at this price point, you will have to make a few sacrifices in your expectations from the device. 

For instance, some might have better cameras at the expense of performance, while others could sacrifice screen size for battery life. Cheap android phones can be a great alternative if your budget is restricted and you only need a mobile for everyday use. They will cover your needs to access social media, emails, YouTube, decent pictures, etc. 

What makes a budget phone ‘budget friendly’?

  • Hardware – Affordability in phones involves current low-end hardware or higher-end hardware from two or three years ago. Providers effectively cut down on costs by offering a lower-end processor. But processor manufacturers continuously improve their manufacturing technology, subsequently producing better performance and battery life for the new devices. Since this technology trickles down to lower-end phones, the price to performance ratio becomes even fantastic.
  • Long-term reliability and updates – The pricier phones work for about two years. So their budget-friendly counterparts can manage about half of that duration. Hardware failures and other issues are not uncommon in these devices. And even though many companies have started to put an effort to provide regular updates and continued support, it does not guarantee that your budget device will have the latest android version.  
  • Carrier – Not every phone is compatible with every carrier. GSM and CDMA both have their restrictions when it comes to the carrier options. Choose your device wisely to not give up on data frequencies that could slow down your internet connections too. Check the differentiating qualities in each model from a specific company to understand its carrier sustainability. Understand the supported bands on the cheaper phone along with the bands that are accessible in your area.
  • Display and cameras – Display tech is improving at a pace enabling the production of even the higher-quality panels at a lower cost. Your budget smartphone will likely have a good enough display. These devices can top out at 1080p in regards to displaying. The camera quality, however, is a subjective aspect. It would be wise to look up reviews of the model you are considering and then take it from there as per your needs. 

Pros and Cons of Premium Smartphones


  • Typically designed to be waterproof and durable
  • Advanced cameras
  • Bigger screen options
  • More memory
  • Frequent software updates bring more security and updated version
  • High-quality screens that render more pixels
  • Additional customization options in color and accessories
  • Optimized user interfaces 
  • Latest features and technology
  • Parts and service centers readily available for repairs 


  • Expensive
  • May not offer a regular audio jack for older accessories
  • Expensive repairs 

Pros and Cons of Cheap Android Phones


  • Highly affordable. Also, you can read more about Contract phone details.
  • Basic functionalities such as calling and messaging
  • Some are relatively higher quality offering similarities to a better phone
  • The comfort of old audio jacks
  • Less to lose if it breaks


  • Are not waterproof or durable
  • The camera is not high-quality 
  • Smaller displays
  • Limited memory
  • Lack of software updates
  • Lower-quality screens that typically only render 720p
  • Fil to run some mobile games
  • Prone to overheating
  • Face connectivity issues, performance issues, and bugs
  • Lack of latest features and technology
  • Hardee to repair due to lack of available parts

In a world where mid-range phones are now getting AMOLED screens, low-end mobiles have features that make them painless to use. So you see, it is not about whether cheap android phones are worth the risk of investing. Instead, you will be surprised that you can now get so much for so little price. All in all, budget phones are value for money. But remember that they won’t be able to match the features offered by premium smartphones.

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