Quality vs Quantity: Your Social Media Followers

Most social media users keep thinking about how to boost my followers. For them, the most important thing is numbers. They would prefer to have 5000 followers on their social media pages than 1000 followers as it looks better and helps them feel better about themselves too.

However, it’s essential to remember that social media is called social media for a reason. You need to socialize or engage with your followers while entertaining or educating them with your quality content.

This way, you will have a tight-knit community interested in the products or services you offer, and they will be willing to support you and help you make sales, no matter how small your following is.

Therefore, we’ll discuss how quality is more significant than quantity on social media, so you can start leveraging them to the fullest.  

The Follower Count

Of course, you would want to have a greater number of followers on your social media accounts like Instagram. It’s more like a competition for everyone or a way to measure their social media success.

It’s not a bad thing to want to have more followers, but it certainly shouldn’t blind you from other things that matter the most, such as engagement.

You may have noticed that accounts with 5k to 10k followers have a highly engaged community. Whereas an account with 100k followers usually doesn’t have an engagement rate as high as the “small” account.

That’s because such brands prefer quality relationships with their followers. They cultivate these relationships with them by answering their questions, always helping them out, and providing quality content to them.

This way, their small community is also always ready to support them and help them boost their sales. Therefore, they get a great benefit with comparatively few followers.

The Quality of Content

Numbers aren’t only limited to the followers but also the frequency of posting content. Social media users assume that posting as much content on their pages will help them reach more audiences.

During the process, they forget to keep up with the quality of the content. For example, one account posts high-quality content ten times a month, and the other account posts mediocre-quality content around 50 times per month.

Of course, you can’t expect to maintain the quality of posts when you’re posting 50 times a month. It’s not difficult to say that with so much content already available on social media, users crave quality content, and that’s why an account with high-quality content will have higher engagement.

Quality content serves its purpose. Whether you make people laugh or educate them, make sure that it actually fulfills the purpose. This will automatically help you grow high-quality followers.

The Bottom Line

When managing your social media accounts, focus more on creating quality content to serve the purpose.

In addition, genuinely forming long-lasting relationships with your audience by engaging with them will help you create a tight-knit community that will always support you.

In the process, you will automatically gain a high-quality number of followers, rather than merely being fixated on the number count. 

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