8 Reasons To Buy An Android Tablet

While Apple arguably enjoys something of a monopoly in the public consciousness when it comes to tablets, their offerings are by no means the only way to enjoy tablet technology. The fact is that there are plenty of Android-compatible tablets you can buy, many of which are excellent options if you don’t want to enter into the Apple ecosystem (and there are many reasons not to want to do so).

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that there’s no point getting an Android tablet because they’re effectively just oversized smartphones, then think again. Here are 8 of the best reasons to buy an Android tablet for yourself.

1. Tablet screens are bigger and better

If, like many people, you struggle with the relatively diminutive size of a smartphone screen for activities like web browsing or gaming, a tablet screen may provide the answer. Everything from playing your favourite mobile games to browsing your most-visited web pages, shopping online, and even listening to music are enhanced by tablet screens being larger and more accessible than their smartphone counterparts.

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2. It’s easier to read on tablets

Reading on a tablet is incredibly convenient, especially when compared to a smartphone. Naturally, the text will appear larger, but you’ll also be able to fit more text to a page, so you won’t have to keep reaching up to switch pages if you favour a larger font.

Reading on tablets also has plenty of other benefits like being able to multitask, easily being able to fit them in your hand luggage, and having immediate access to the Google Play Books store (if you’ve got an internet connection, of course). If you don’t have an e-reader, tablets are the best way to read ebooks.

3. Gaming is better

Most mobile games require touch screen inputs to play. While many of these games have impeccably-crafted control schemes for touch devices, playing on a tablet simply gives you access to more screen real-estate, thus increasing the margin for error and allowing you to make more mistakes.

Even if you’re looking to master a precision platformer or a mobile MOBA, a tablet is a better environment on which to play those games because you’ll be able to make more precise movements on a bigger screen. If you’re serious about gaming, a tablet is an essential purchase, and the Google Play Store’s massive range of games makes an Android tablet a no-brainer.

4. Tablets are productivity machines

Marrying the functionality of a laptop with the convenience and portability of a smartphone, tablets really do offer the best of both worlds in this regard. If you’re someone who likes to work out and about, then investing in a high-quality Bluetooth keyboard and mouse effectively gives you access to a high-spec laptop when you buy an Android tablet.

You can check your emails, use office software, and communicate with teams thanks to apps like Slack and Asana with ease. Once you’ve used a tablet for your work, you’ll never want to go back to a laptop.

5. Watching content on tablets is great

Often, if you’re watching movies designed for massive cinema screens on a smartphone, you can lose a lot of the intended effect, not to mention some of the potential health drawbacks.

A tablet eliminates a large chunk of this problem; while a large TV or projector are still ideal for watching a movie, a tablet’s bigger screen makes the viewing experience for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many other services much more pleasurable than it is on your smartphone. This also goes for YouTube videos and any other video content you want to watch.

6. Tablets often support mobile data

Unlike laptops, which usually require tethering points or Wi-Fi connections in order to connect to the internet, you can usually use 4G or mobile data to connect your tablet to the internet. This means you can get work done while you’re out and about without needing to worry about whether your location has a Wi-Fi connection.

If you’re a productivity fiend or you’ve got an unlimited data plan and don’t mind splashing out, then taking your tablet with you when you travel and streaming a movie or checking your emails feels great, especially when you haven’t needed to scour your environment for Wi-Fi.

7. The Google Play Store has tons of apps

The Google Play Store has a significantly larger number of apps available for you to download when compared to Apple’s App Store. This means that if you’re someone who likes choice and enjoys being able to play the field when it comes to your app choices, then an Android tablet really is the default choice over an iPad.

Throw in the fact that Android tablets are far more customizable and open to user modification than Apple tablets are and you should already be beginning to see why an Android tablet is the device of choice for anyone who cares about their tech.

8. Tablets are affordable

Unlike Apple’s tablets, which start at a premium and simply get more expensive, Android tablets are available for a wide variety of price points, from budget to high-end devices. This means that no matter what your budget might be, if you’re in the market for an Android tablet, the wide variance in devices ensures you’ll be able to get hold of one.

You won’t be compromising on the essential user experience, either; Android tablets are often optimised to ensure they run smoothly and without lag even on lower-spec machines. Take our word for it; owning an Android tablet is an amazing experience, no matter how much you paid for it.

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