Benefits of Remote Interpretation on Video Conferencing

Remote Interpretation of Video Conference (VRI for its acronym – Video Remote Interpretation ) is a telecommunications service that uses devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones to provide interpretation of sign language or spoken language online, remotely and provided by a live professional interpreter, in order to facilitate multilingual communication between people limited by the language barrier.

People can be in three different places, or in two.

The first option is when the user is in a certain place and requests linguistic interpretation assistance for a certain combination of languages, for example, Spanish – English, the professional interpreter, who is in another location accepts the assignment of the interpretation work, and the user then invites the third party (the contact with whom he needs to communicate, but who speaks another language) to join the call. In this case, the three parts are in different places.

The second option is when the user and the third person are in the same place, but cannot communicate effectively because they speak different languages, such as a doctor with a patient who does not speak Spanish, or simply a person who needs to communicate with another person. That speaks another language.

The greatest benefit of Remote Interpretation on Video Conferencing is that it provides a professional service immediately, safely and friendly at a reasonable price and without increasing personnel, administrative or infrastructure costs since the service is commonly offered under the concept of use on-demand, only paid for what is consumed. Below we list some additional advantages.

  • Its use can expand rapidly
  • It is popular and accessible to many users
  • Help reduce multilingual communication costs
  • Save time by not having to search for professional interpreters available for each possible combination of languages  at each required time
  • Avoid travel and logistics costs of bringing the parties together in the same place


In general terms, the video remote interpretation services are useful for anyone who needs to communicate effectively and quickly with people who do not speak their language.

Its applications are varied and add value in different scenarios such as business meetings, events and conferences, legal interpretation, medical interpretation, sign language interpretation, interpretation and multilingual assistance for travelers, multilingual assistance systems, support and customer service.

 If you do not have to gather the parties and the interpreter in the same room, you save time and money in a disruptive way.

Besides, when dealing with medical, legal and business issues in foreign multicultural – multilingual meetings, nobody wants to take the risk of communicating in a non-native language or worst, through an artificial interpreting machine.

Getting a professional interpreter in sense of critical and urgent issue is not an easy task. It can take at least one day, plus all the logistics issues to ensure the service at defined timing and place.

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