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Are you a sports enthusiast? Thanks to the fact that some match or sports event keeps taking place every minute, you can stay entertained all the time! These days, you have sports betting apps that engage you round the clock no matter where you live.

The best betting app is the one that provides you with a live streaming of the sport, replays, expert tips and a lot more. With mobile sports betting, there is access to the best kind of information through the world of your smartphone! This makes sure that you are never misguided.

Additionally, betting apps are tailor-made for the smaller screens of the smartphone so that it is easy to bet on the go!

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Different types of sports betting:

1) Football betting

The types of sports betting that can be done in football are way beyond just guessing the match winner. Betting can be done on the scorer of the first goal, the number of goals that will be scored in a match and who will be leading at the half and full time of the match.

2) Tennis betting

Betting on tennis can be done all around the year, the best time, however, is during Grand Slams. You can bet on who will win the tournament along with the player who will win the match or who will serve the maximum aces. In most betting apps, you will also find live in-play betting where there is a fluctuation of odds based on the situation of the match.

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3) Boxing

High-quality boxing fights take place all over the world and you have in-play betting on most boxing matches. You can bet on the winner, on future fights as well as the boxer who will win a title.

4) eSports

There has been an increase in demand for eSport bets. In most of the major competitions, there can be outright and in-play betting. You can do betting on most popular e-sports.

5) Horse racing

Apart from football, horse racing is also in vogue. Numerous apps provide live streaming of race and even offer race replays. Along with special and exquisite offers, most apps provide the best of the betting world to you.

Downloading sports betting apps on Android smartphones

When you want to download betting apps for your Android phone, you need to search them on Google Play. The ban on gambling app by Google has been lifted in 2018. In the past, these apps were downloaded directly from the website of the operator. Even if you do so now, make sure that you change the settings to ‘Allow Unknown Sources’.

Staying secure while betting

While using betting apps, it is important that you ensure security. Make sure that the brand you are betting with is licensed and regulated by a body. When you make payment using third-party payment methods like an e-wallet or PayPal, make sure that your details are not getting shared directly with the betting site.

Also, ensure that you don’t share your password with anyone and don’t provide financial information on sites that are not secure. Protect your tab or smartphone with a PIN code and uncheck the ‘stay-logged-in’ option in your betting account. This will ensure that no one misuses your account.

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The best Android betting apps

Below are some of the best betting Apps. Have a look at them. If you cannot find them on Google Play, you need to download them directly from the operator’s website.

1) LiveScore app

The LiveScore website has been around since 1998. It provides you with exactly what it says without any added frills. You can turn to the LiveScore app to get goal flashes and live scores of football and tennis matches. Apart from these two games, there are also cricket, ice hockey, and basketball.

The app provides you with match statistics and features like auto-refresh and push notifications. It has been a top ranking app in more than 25 countries and you must have it if you are a die-hard football fan.

2) Racing Post app

Horse racing fans should have this app as it provides you all the needed information of the sport. It provides minutes racing news to the latest tips. The app has been improved so that you can customize it as per your preferences.

3) William Hill app

This Android app is a great one and has recently been improved. Hill is a big name in the mobile sports betting world. With a great user experience, this app can provide you with popular bets. It is definitely worth downloading.

4) Acca Tracker app

This one is great for football enthusiasts. It helps you in placing and monitoring bets directly. With live scores and instant push notification, this app is a highly recommended one. Hope now you will enjoy sports betting on Android apps!

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