Smartphones vs. Tablets: Comparing the Gaming Experience

Every model of smartphone and tablet has its own functionality and features, so some smartphones will be better for gaming than some tablets and vice versa. However, there are many general elements of smartphones and tablets that can be compared to see which device offers the best gaming experience.

Size Matters

The most obvious difference between tablets and smartphones is the size of the devices. Tablets are larger, and a bigger display means a more immersive and engaging gaming experience. Whether you enjoy playing racing games like Forza Horizon 4, MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, or casino games like blackjack and roulette, which are available at Dunder online casino, a tablet enables you to play your favorite games in all their visual glory.

However, the fact that smartphones are smaller than tablets also brings advantages. For instance, it is much easier to carry around a smartphone than a tablet. Virtually everyone now carries a smartphone in their pockets all of the time. That means you can play lots of games anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, with continual technological innovations, smartphones are becoming more powerful for playing video games than ever before. Indeed, there are now many smartphones on the market specifically designed for primarily playing games.

Tablets Generally Provide Smoother Gameplay

While some phones now provide very smooth gameplay, in general, tablets are still much better for smoothness. That is because tablets tend to have higher refresh rates than smartphones. There is nothing worse than playing a game that is lagging, so tablets generally come out on top in terms of performance and smoothness in comparison to smartphones.

Smartphones Have Longer Battery Life

Because tablets are larger than smartphones, they require more power to run. That means the battery of tablets runs out a lot quicker than smartphones. If you regularly enjoy playing video games a lot while on the go, a smartphone is therefore usually a better choice.

Smartphones Offer Better Maneuverability

Whether smartphones or tablets are better for gaming also depends on the types of games you like to play. If you play games in which you need to physically maneuver your device, the smartphone provides much more maneuverability and flexibility, making it much easier to play those types of games in comparison to playing them on a bulky tablet.

The Importance of the GPU

One of the most crucial parts of a gaming device is the GPU. It is the thing that makes sure games run more efficiently. The GPU also helps games to look visually better by providing higher resolution graphics. Also, the GPU is responsible for enhanced framerates. While GPUs vary greatly between models of both smartphones and tablets, in general, tablets have higher-performing GPUs. Tablets will typically be better at handling newer and more sophisticated games than smartphones. So, if you like to play new releases in all of their visual glory, a tablet is probably a better choice than a smartphone.

The Importance of the Processing Power

Along with the GPU, your device’s processing power also makes a very important contribution to your gaming experience. The chips used in smartphones and tablets can differ quite a lot. For instance, the iPhone 11 uses an Apple A13 Bionic chip and the iPad Pro 11 uses the Apple A12X Bionic chip. Comparing those two, it is the tablet chip that comes out as the clear winner.

Why? It boasts 1500 million more transistors than the phone chip and is up to thirty times faster. Seeing as gaming requires a fair amount of processing power, in general, tablets outperform smartphones.

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