How to Speed up Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime for Maximum Performance [No root]

In addition to Samsung’s Galaxy S series, the J series has been very popular in mid-range smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime is one of them. Initially, released in 2016, October, this smart phone carries quite admirable popularity so far. Launched with decent hardware specs, that might somewhat lags in terms of performance. In this tutorial, we’ll share some tested, and working tips to speed up/improve performance of Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime to make it smoother, and faster. Importantly, we’ll achieve better performance without rooting this device.

There was a time when we had to root our Android phone to tweak it. Since, Android 6.0 and up versions have arrived, that process has surely become easier. However, that would be tricky to find appropriate things you can do. That actually impacts the performance positively, and brings out the maximum performance. You’ll be able to obtain sustainable performance on your Galaxy J5, that should outperform when compared to current performance post applying these tips. And of course, you don’t have to be a tech-geek to understand these things.

There are many reasons that could be behind the dip in performance of your phone. You might have extra-loaded it with applications, games, documents, or simply, internal memory is full. Either you can troubleshoot such things, or proceed with advanced optimization while troubleshooting. If you’re facing low-performance issues on our Samsung Galaxy J5, or J5 Prime, then keep reading this page. Undoubtedly, you’ll learn some useful tactics to keep your phone running smooth. Beside the better performance, there are greater chances applying these tips would outcome better battery life as well.

The Android OS comes with plenty of customization features. Most of the options are displayed under the Settings menu, some remain hidden. Developer Options is one of them. Google keeps this option hidden within the operating system. But, you can access it anytime you want. So, we’ll make use of this Developer Options to speed the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime smartphone. This option — supposed to be used by developers, and they do. This panel features extremely power options to customize, and optimize our smartphone. And there is no harm using the Developer Options – until you know what you’re doing.

So, before we proceed further, you should enable the Developer Options on your phone. Follow the below instructions:

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Scroll down, and tap on About Phone
  3. Under this menu, look for ‘Build Number’ entity.
  4. Tap 7 times on Build Number — it will activate the Developer Options

That’s it, now you can access the Developer Options anytime you want from the Settings menu. Lets’ get to work, and optimize your phone for better performance, and battery life:

Best tips to improve performance of Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime

1. Move everything to SD Card

Just believe it, moving all stuff to external memory would give a great relief to your phone, and it will boost the performance of your phone. Even though, the Galaxy J5 Prime comes with a pretty decent internal memory (16/32 GB), but if you’re relying on it completely, you must have sacrificed with the performance.

The fact is that, the applications use the internal memory to store temporary files to run well, and perform dedicated tasks. And if you keep your internal memory free as possible, you’ll have better performance, and of course, better user experience.

Recently, one of my friends has done the same thing on Moto G Turbo. And we’ve seen a noticeable increase in performance. The Galaxy J5 Prime supports microSD up to 256 GB (dedicated slot), so we recommend you have one for your self from Amazon.

You can purchase best microSD for your phone from →here.

Once you have the memory card installed on your phone, make sure to move apps to external memory. If you would like to move installed apps to SD card, you can do it straight from the Application manager. Just tap on the app, then use move to SD Card option.

move apps to sd card Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (1)

That should improve the overall performance of Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime. That was the most basic yet effective method to optimize the performance.

2. Reduce animations scale

A well-known method to reduce the stress from the CPU, and GPU units. Our smartphones display different animations while we use them. Whether we open app menu, switch from one app to another, or close the,, it displays animations. If you simply reduce down the numbers, it will impact the performance positively. Since the least amount of processing power would be used to render the user-interface.

Instead of disabling the animations entirely, it would be better to reduce them. To configure these animations, you’ll need to access the Developer Options. We assumed that you’ve already enabled this panel. It takes only few seconds to enable this option, and can be accessed through the settings.

Once you scale down the animations, you can see the immediate effect. Almost, it improves the overall user-interface, and reduces the response time.

—How to

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Scroll down to Developer Options, and tap on it.
  3. Under this menu, locate these entities: “Windows Animation Scale”, “Transition Animation scale” and “Animator duration scale”: custom animation
  4. Now, tap on each entity, and select 0.5X value for each.
  5. Exit the Settings, and reboot your phone to see results.

The greater the value you put will enlarge the animation part, and small value does the opposite. Also, you should not disable it completely. It would negatively impact the user interface.

This thing should bring a performance boost to your phone. Now, examine your phone, open apps, switch from one to another, to see the improvement. You’ll notice that reaction time has improved very much.

3. Set Background process limit

It does improve performance, and saves battery life too. Whether you’re aware, or not, there are many applications keep running in the background. And no matter if you’re not using them either.

They keep using the power resources, and slowly sucks the battery life. Putting a limit on them would stop them from consuming these things.

And that should make your phone smoother, and last for long hours (at least a few extra hours). Again, we’ll make use of the Developer Options to configure the background processes.

—How to

  1. Open the Setting
  2. Now, tap on Developer Options, and scroll down to locate “Set Background process limit”.
  3. Tap on this entity, and select “At most 4 processes”.Background process limit on Samsung galaxy phones
  4. Exit the Settings, and reboot your phone.

We highly recommend this option to use while you travel, or have limited battery power. This excludes apps/services from consuming processing power, and enhances the battery life.

4. Replace the native launcher with Nova Launcher

It’s much lighter than the Samsung’s TouchWiz based launcher. If you’re really serious about making things better, then you must drop this launcher first.

Whereas, the Nova Launcher has pretty fast-user interface, and much better customization options. Additionally, if configured properly, it can dramatically speed up the user interface of an Android phone.

Moreover, you can customize your phone very well through this launcher. It has tons of customization options within it.

For our readers, we have figured that following settings outperform.

—How to

  1. Download and install the launcher on your device from Google Play store.
  2. Now long press on the Desktop and then select Settings
  3. Now Select Desktop and put following settings:
    1. Icon layout -> Icon size 100%, Label -> On , Font -> Condensed , Shadow-Single line ->On
    2. Persistent search bar -> Lollipop
    3. Scroll effect -> Simple
    4. Add icon to Home screen -> Off
  4. App & widget drawers, put following settings:
    1. Scroll effect ->Simple
    2. Infinite scroll -> Off
  5. Dock settings:
    1. Dock icons -> 5
    2. Icon layout -> Icon size 100%, Label -> On , Font -> Condensed , Shadow-Single line ->On
  6. Folders settings:
    1. Folder preview -> Grid
    2. Folder background -> Circle(gray icon)
    3. Transition animation -> Zoom
    4. Icon layout -> Icon size 100%, Label -> On , Font -> Condensed , Shadow-Single line ->On, Color -> Black
  7. Look & Feel
    1. Icon theme -> Lollipop
    2. Scroll speed -> Nova
    3. Animation speed -> Fast

We hope that so far you must have experienced an improved performance on your phone. We have got one more tip to make it even better.

5. Disable Unused apps

We already aware that Samsung bloats their smartphone extensively. You must have many applications on your phone that you haven’t used so far. Since they come pre-installed, one cannot remove’em off complete without root access.

Then what can be done? Well, that’s simple. You can disable them at-lest. That will make sure they won’t grasp RAM, and processing power. In our recent post, we learnt that around 120 bloatware apps have been injected within the latest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S9. And how getting rid of them would bring 1.4 GB Free RAM.

So, we advise you the same. Disable all the applications that remain unused so far. That will enhance performance, and free up some good amount storage on your phone.

—How to

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Under settings, select “Apps
  3. Now from the list of apps, select that one you want to disable.
  4. Select the desire app, then click on “Disable” to disable it. Just like the below image:Disable an app on Galaxy s6
  5. Perform same for other applications.

Reboot your phone so changes can be saved. Any point of time, if you feel that you require the disabled, just go back to Apps section, and enable them again.

That’s it. Now, you should see improvements on your phone. That ends our list of useful tips to speed up Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime here. We hope that our readers would use them. For more advanced tips and tricks to speed up your phone, don’t miss our following tutorial:

This list goes even beyond, and brings you more methods to speed up Samsung’s devices. Please share your experience with us, and share your favorite tips with us. You’re most welcome to make comments below.

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