Storing Cannabis: 6 Tips to Keep Weed Fresh


After spending your hard-earned money on some high-quality weed, you certainly don’t want it to go bad or lose its potency.

After all—the whole reason for buying it was so that it would work, right?

Well, fair enough.

But what happens if you buy more than you’re going to use right now?

And perhaps even more importantly, what happens if you buy enough at once that you’re not even going to use it in the next few days?

What if your stash is so large that you’re going to be covered for the next few weeks?

How do you store your cannabis supply so that it won’t go bad, lose its potency, or even worse—get moldy?

In this post, you’re going to learn six tips for how to keep your weed fresh.

If you want to learn how to store cannabis, this is the post for you.

1. Keep In Mind That Storage Could Make Or Break Your Cannabis Supply

A lot of people put a lot of thought into which types of cannabis they want to buy, and how much of it they want.

A lot of people also put a lot of thought into how much money they’re going to spend on it.

But unfortunately, very few people put any long-term effort into deciding how they’re going to store it.

So before you buy more than a day’s worth of cannabis, make sure that you have the proper tools and containers on hand to safely store it so that it won’t go bad.

You certainly don’t want to waste your money.

And you definitely don’t want to waste good weed, right?

2. Try Glass Jars With Lids

Glass jars with lids are really a mainstay staple technique for storing cannabis on a longer-term basis.

This will give you your best odds of keeping the weed fresh while keeping external contaminants out of the way.

For best results, buy those canning jars—like the ones your grandma used to use to make blackberry preserves.

You don’t have to go crazy with this.

Get a couple of jars, stick your cannabis in them, and you should be good to go.

Just make sure to tighten the lids after you’re done.

3. Don’t Freeze It

There’s a common misconception among cannabis users that freezing your weed is an effective method for keeping it fresh.

Unfortunately, this wives’ tale has ruined many good batches of weed.

The truth of the matter is that freezing cannabis can actually cause it to lose a great deal of its potency.

For best results, keep it out of the freezer.

You also want to avoid storing it in direct sunlight, or where it can get uncharacteristically warm.

4. Be Wary Of Vacuum Sealing

This is a hot button issue.

Some people really believe in the merits of vacuum-sealing weed for long-term storage.

But other people claim that it can actually damage the weed and cause it to lose a bit of its effectiveness.

To be super technical about this, it may come down to the exact method you use for vacuum sealing, and the exact specific materials you’re using to contain it.

But unless you want to get super technical, your best bet is just to stay away from this storage method.

This is especially true if you’re not a vacuum sealing pro who knows exactly what to do and what not to do to compromise the effectiveness of your weed.

5. Medicine Bottles? They Actually Work

Yes, this common bit of cannabis folklore is true.

Those empty leftover medicine bottles that you have laying around (the orange ones with the white lids) are actually really good for storing weed, especially short-term.

  • They’re airtight.
  • They’re lightweight.
  • They’ll protect it from damage.
  • And they’ll keep it safe.

Just remember that if the bottles once had medication in them, you’ll want to thoroughly rinse them out and make sure they’re completely dry before storing your weed.

6. Don’t Add Fruit Peels Or Other Organic Matter When Storing Cannabis

Unfortunately, this is another bit of bad cannabis advice that sometimes makes the rounds amongst new-coming weed aficionados.

Don’t store any other organic matter along with your weed.

Some people will store slices of orange peel or lemon peel along with their weed, under the false understanding that it’ll keep their bud safer, fresher, and free of contaminants.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true.

Adding fruit peels to your weed while you store it can actually contribute to a loss of effectiveness and an increase in moisture—and just gives you generally all-around greater odds for external contaminants.


There you have it.

Six tips for storing cannabis like a true marijuana pro.

Don’t forget to grab a few of those mason jars on your way home from the dispensary.

You’ve got this. Now get out there and enjoy it.

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