7 Successful Sales Pitch Examples and Why They Work

It is not easy to create an efficient sales pitch. Marketers are trying several methods to create a personalized pitch using automation tools, persona-based pitches, and more. Some sales teams use a virtual phone number to attract international customers. Yet, only 24.3% of the sales reps reported in a survey, exceeded their sales quota. How to create a winning pitch? Here are some examples of successful sales pitches.

Referring To Past Conversation

If it is not your first time talking to a client, it is best not to start your pitch by introducing your business again. You already have built a bridge, and you can use it by referring to your previous conversations. Remind them that you remember the problem in question and how you have found the right solution for it. This style of sales pitch is effective for both phone and email marketing. Such a reference would make the customer feel unique, which would create a large loyal customer base.

Start With A Question

It is a rookie mistake to start the sales pitch with a basic introduction about your business, your role, and what your brand does. In reality, your customers do not care about your company story. It is always best to start with a question that is relevant to the client’s needs. Your sales pitch should begin with ‘have you ever noticed, doesn’t it seem like, you know how,’ and more.

For instance, if you are selling home loans, you can start with, ‘Have you ever noticed that you are paying 30% of your annual income on your home rent?’ According to Chris Westfall, The New Elevator Pitch author, it is important to twist the question to make the prospect say ‘yes.’

Some customers would be wary of your pitch and would not commit to the conversation. If so, alter the question to check whether they are suitable for your pitch.

For example, ‘You are paying less than 30% of your annual income on your rent, right?’ If they are, they will not be interested in your pitch that talks about low-interest home loans. If no, they would be interested in knowing how to reduce their income ending up as rent.

A Short Pitch Is Successful

The aim of the first sales pitch is to intrigue interest in what you are offering. You need not bombard every piece of information in the first call. It is essential to explain your product in a sentence or two.

Short Pitch Is Successful

Adam Goldstein of Hipmunk had a one-line sale pitch, ‘We can lower your distribution cost.’ He did not explain how his product would provide such an advantage or other in-depth factors. This sales pitch got him his first deal within 15 minutes that allowed his company to raise $55 million. Your sales pitch should be simple to understand, easy to remember, and intriguing.

Focus On Benefits

Your product might have a multitude of features and facilities, but how does it help the customer? For instance, if you are selling an automated payroll software, the platform might have multiple features like automatic tax filing, timesheet calculation, and more. But, your focus should be on the benefit those features could offer. So, your sales pitch should be like, ‘Do you know that our automated payroll solution can save 80% of your operational cost?’

Use Data; Not Flowery Language

Customers do not fall for your ability to use different adjectives and adverbs in the sales pitch. It is about relevancy and specificity. If you mention that the product is gaining more popularity in the industry, you should have specific data. ‘Do you know that 92% of customer conversation happens over the telephone?’ This pitch is the best way to introduce your virtual phone numberservice to your customer. It is essential to offer a piece of quantitative evidence to address the product with reputed data statistics.

Corporate Storytelling

You cannot create a hero without an antagonist. The best way to create importance to your product is by introducing the antagonist. The antagonist is the problem that your hero (product or service) will address and solve. Remember that this style of storytelling is best when you are planning a lengthy sales pitch.

Pitches Need Not Be Too Formal

Your pitch should not feel like you are reading it out of a book. It should be in a conversational tone, allowing your listener to interact. It should have a Wow-How-Now framework. Wow is the intriguing introduction you make to create hype for your product. ‘How’ is where you explain how your customer can incorporate that ‘wow’ factor. ‘Now’ is where you present it with real-time statistics or data.

If you have created a sales pitch with all these seven pointers, it does not automatically make it perfect. Always keep an eye on feedback and performance data. Based on those feedbacks, alter your sales pitch to suit your niche customers and products.

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