TENKER Q5 Is An Affordable Mini Projector With 1500 Lumens

Projectors are in demand these days. They are better than watching movies on the TV screen as the eye strain is comparatively less. Though there are many different kinds of projectors available with numerous features, you must be on a look out for a projector that does not burn a hole in your pocket especially when you want one for home entertainment.

Your prayers have been answered as you can now get a 1500 Lumens projector with a sleek and smart design at a very reasonable price! TENKER Q5 is the best budget –friendly mini projector when you talk of home entertainment.

If you love watching movies, TENKER Q5 will provide you with best kind of cinematic experience at the comfort of home. Switch off the lights and enjoy watching your favorite flicks with your loved ones! This mini projector provides you with sharper and brighter images when compared to other projectors of the same price range.

The best part about this projector is that it is easy to carry around as it is small in size and light weight. You can take it wherever you want to like to a friend’s place to watch a movie. Moreover, the set up time of this mini projector is very less.

The dimensions of the projector are 7.7 x 5.9 x 2.7 inch which makes it quite compact. It has LED brightness of 1500 Lumens with 800*480 native resolution and a 1920*1080 supported resolution. It is recommended to keep a projection distance of around 6.5 feet.

This mini projector is compatible with an array of devices namely, PCs, laptops, gaming consoles, USB drives, tabs, smartphones and Amazon Fire Stick. It will take only a few seconds to hook it up with other devices. However, when you want to connect it with tabs and smartphones, you will need a Wi-Fi display dongle. It does not come along with the projector so you need to buy it separately.

TENKER Q5 Projector

What is great about the TENKER Q5 mini projector is that it has an innovating cooling system that prevents the device from getting heated up. Additionally, the fan sound of the projector is reduced by half with the noise suppression technology. This means that you will have minimal noise distraction while watching movies or playing games! It will take your movie night or game night experience to another level.

Do you need a projector for business presentations? Well, then you will get disappointed as this projector is not for you! This is only for watching movies, videos and playing games. If you want a projector that you can carry around for PPT or excel presentations, you need to look elsewhere as this particular projector will not solve the purpose.

TENKER Q5 mini projector comes with a company warranty of 3 years along with professional customer service and proper technical support. You can contact them if you have any issue or problem with the projector.

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Wrap up

Overall, this mini projector is great when you want to spend some quality time with your family. Get some popcorn and recline on the sofa to enjoy a movie-theatre like experience. Make sure the room is dark enough for the best feel!

It can be the best birthday gift for your friend who is a huge movie buff! He or she will be delighted to get the present and it will be easy on your pocket too! It is a steal at this price and works much better than the costlier projectors. So, go ahead and buy it for yourself or a friend!

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