The 5 Best Customizable Games

For decades, video and online games lacked customizable tools. From early Grand Theft Auto to Pacman and from Rayman to Temple Run, players experience games as the protagonist only – confined to explore pre-designed worlds.

The issue of being stuck within boundaries changed with advancements in gaming technology, allowing the player more tools through which to design worlds, characters and storylines – pushing the edges of the game.

Looking for the best games that let you take control? Read on to discover the 5 best customizable games.

The Sims

The new millennium brought customizable gaming to a whole new level with the creation of the first The Sims game. The Sims was an instant success because users had the ability to experience things never before enjoyed in a game.

The Sims has become so popular that in just 6 months between September 2014 and March 2015, players played The Sims 4 for a length of time that totals more than 12,205 years.

The Sims is a unique game. It enables you to dictate your own destiny – finding love, designing a house, making money, throwing a party. Each day in The Sims universe is different from the last. With so much customization at your fingertips, the possibilities really are endless.


Customizable solitaire games like the one available on breathe new life into this 1700s game.

Solitaire is a fun game of skill. What makes customizable solitaire games even more exciting is that you can edit the color and pictures on the cards, and even embed this classic game onto your own website.


Designed for the newest generation of gamers – Generation Z, Minecraft takes editability to new heights. The best selling video game of all time, Minecraft puts you in total control – able to design 3D worlds in an infinite terrain.

Smurfs’ Village

The popular app Smurfs’ Village allows you customization on the go. Smurfs’ Village invites you to grow crops, build houses and make friends within your own village populated by the famous blue people.

No two people will design the exact same village, making this a perfect game for you and your friends to enjoy together.

Don’t forget to water your crops every day, otherwise you may end up with some hungry Smurfs’ in your village!

Red Dead Redemption

While not entirely customizable, the narrative of Red Dead Redemption is shaped by the decisions you make. How you navigate the world as the game’s protagonist affects how characters in the world see and interact with you.

This makes for a highly customizable game where you control the story.

Final Thoughts

Gaming has developed significantly over recent decades, with new technologies paving the way for more customization, open-world gameplay and users taking control of stories.

Mobiles, game consoles and the internet all offer avid gamers the chance to make a new life for themselves in exciting worlds they’ve designed. Customizable games are a brilliant escape and will provide you with hours of fun.

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