The Advanced Gasoline-Driven Hydraulic Pump

A Hydraulic pump is a mechanical machine that converts mechanical power into hydraulic power. Hydraulic Gasoline pumps work using gas pressure.  A volume of high pressure gas is injected in the subsurface pump chamber, this action in turn displaces liquids to the top, simultaneously it vents the chamber and refills. Depending on what type of outcome suitable hydraulic pump is chosen, such as gear pump, piston pump, rotary vane and screw pump. These pumps can be further classified under as external or internal gear pumps. The hydraulic pumps are selected according to the volume of oil and the number of cylinders. Technically one will require 35 cubic centimeters of oil per meter of hose.

The Advanced Gasoline-Driven Hydraulic Pump

Features to look for in a hydraulic pump

There are several features to consider before you can determine the type of hydraulic pump you will need for maximum performance of your machine.  You must watch out for the following features:

  • Weight
  • The cost of maintenance and Time
  • Maximum operating pressure
  • Speed
  • Flow Rate of the hydraulic pump
  • Fluid Type going to used to put it in action
  • Power curves or Torque rating in can generate
  • Oil capacity required
  • Working Pressure
  • The Size of the pump

From where to buy a reliable Hydraulic pump

There are several good players in the market manufacturing a variety of hydraulic pumps. But if you are looking for one made in China in a good budget with high performance you must have a look at RiverLake products. Taizhou Chuanhu Hydraulic Machinery Co. Ltd. was incorporated in 2005 and ever since then it has been engaged in producing high- pressure hydraulic tools in China. The company is located in Yuhuan Longxi, Industrial Zone, Zhejiang province.

The company thrives and complies with ISO10100:2001 and GB156622:2005 standards. These standards ensure that the products are made in a safe working environment and the outcomes of products are flawless industrial design. The products made here are used in a wide variety of industries such as pipeline construction, highway construction, railway construction, heavy lifting, mechanical disassembly, and bridge construction.

Here in this company, you will find all kinds of pumps, power pac such as Torque Wrench Pumps, Electric Hydraulic Pumps, and Gas powered Hydraulic Pumps, Hand Pumps and Bolt Tension Pumps.  Jacking systems, include, Synchronous Jacking systems, pile load test systems and several tools such as Wrench, Flange Spreaders, Bearing Pullers, Hydraulic Bolts and many more.

Riverlake products have been successfully delivered to satisfied customers in USA, UAE, Manila, Switzerland and many more countries. The company handles enquiries from many countries with the help of highly skilled technicians meet the requirements and delivers them on time. Locally it has supplied its products to China National Offshore Oil Corporation as well. The company also entertains customization of tools for its valued customers.

Gas Powered Hydraulic Power Unit

This is Riverlake Hydraulic product is a gasoline-driven pump in the market with advanced features which makes it one of the very efficient, low noise making product. The product is capable of driving 60 ton to 200-ton single acting and compound hydraulic crimping tools. Once the pump reaches 30kgf/centimeter square, the engine will gain high speed, but this high function will not over heat the product. The perfect design combination helps the air extraction and ventilation, making very low noise. This environment friendly Gasoline Hydraulic pump is available in fully automatic mode. The model name is HPE-4; it has a double acting output, with an Oil tank volume of 10L and an oil capacity of 7 L. The pressure bar is of 700, and lowest oil flow rate would ne 9.5 L/Min. The highest pressure flow rate is 1.2 L/Min. Power is 6.0PS, 3600 RPM, Four Stroke-Engine. The dimensions are 635x410x420 with a 45kg weight. For more details about the product you can CLICK HERE . The link also has a downloadable brochure covering every inch of detail to be sure of your purpose.

Portable Gas-powered Hydraulic Pump

This is a high-quality hydraulic pump with a Japanese imported Subaru Engine, ensuring high quality and service. Among other Riverlake Hydraulic pumps manufactured by the company this is a light weight pump that makes it easy to carry and transportation. It has a design with a single and double- acting suitable for most of hydraulic operations. This pumps model number is PGM9LM). It gives an output of Single acting or double acting. The oil Tank Volume per liter is 10.7.

The product has a good oil capacity of 8.5 L. Pressure / bar is 700. The low pressure oil flow rate is 2.5 L per minute and high Pressure oil flow rate per Liter per minute is 0.3. The power model is EHO03. This pump comes with a dimension of 140x240x320 mm and a weight of 18.5 kg. To see more details you can Click Here. The lead time for small quantity delivery is within one week, whereas if more quantity is requested the delivery time would exceed accordingly to three to four weeks.

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