What are the best apps for sports fans on android devices?

If you own an Android device, first of all congratulations, you possess the common sense that people who buy iPhones lack. Android phones are just so much better; you can customise them more, have access to more apps and games, they cost a hell of a lot less, and tend to have features that Apple won’t release for another 4-5 years.

I could literally write a whole article just about that. But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here today for the sports fans. The ones who eat, drink and sleep sports, all day, every day. And this summer there is so much going on. We have Euro 2020 nearly at its conclusion, Wimbledon has just kicked off, the Olympics in Tokyo are just around the corner.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a sports fan. But what are the apps that you can get on Android that will help keep you up to date with all the latest goings on in the sports world? We’re going to tell you, in this quick list of some of THE best apps for sports fans who own Android devices.


This is without doubt one of the best apps available on Android devices. It’s core function is to operate as a live score updater in real-time. It covers a whole host of sports from all over the world, with divisions from top to bottom covered even in the furthest reaches of the globe. Like football? They’ll have it covered. Missing the NBA final and want to know who is currently leading the race to be crowned NBA Champions? It’ll have you covered in real-time.

And the best part is it is completely FREE. They do have some adverts in the app, and they also provide odds for betting to which are linked to their affiliate account, but they’re not overly intrusive, so they’re barely an issue. And if it makes the app free, so be it.

But besides being a real-time score update app, you can actually access much more content than that as well. For many big games they’ll offer live commentary, they have head-to-head statistics available for when two teams face off, league standings, lineups; you name it, they have it covered. It has everything you could ever want, except for news updates and being able to watch live footage of other games.

Live Sports TV

Next up, we have an app that fills one of the gaps that FlashScore doesn’t, providing access to live sporting events to watch. Now, the legality of the streams provided is questionable. But so are the prices that cable and satellite companies charge for their sports packages, so we’ll leave the decision of whether to check this one out or not up to you.

But Live Sports TV is an excellent app for being able to watch the latest sports events around the world when you’re on the go. Or if you have a Smart TV that you can stream to and don’t have a sports package. They showcase some of the biggest events across the world, like the English Premier League, Boxing, NBA, amongst many others. They even have the exclusive PPV stuff on there too.

Again, this is a free app, but does have adverts. But don’t worry, they don’t pop up on your stream, just before it starts or if you want to switch channels. And even then they go after a few seconds. The one thing you will have to do for this though, because it isn’t on the Play Store, is search google for a download link to install the .apk file on your device. It’s simple enough, and you can find many guides that will show you how to do this.

The Athletic

The first of two news apps for you now, to fill in that final gap left by FlashScore. The Athletic is a paid for subscription sports news app. They have exclusive interviews, some really interesting articles written by REAL journalists, not the ones who try to be but fill everything with bias, and they also have access to video content as well.

Now this one is going to cost you, but it’s our only app that does. So it must be worth it right, if it makes our list? You would be correct. The quality of the information is excellent, and it’s only a small monthly subscription you have to pay to use the app. But before you go right ahead and do that, they offer free trials before signing up, so it’s worth checking out just for that. But once you try, no other news app will compete.

Sports journalism


If you’re not one for splashing out the cash, then not to worry, the ESPN app will be just what you need. Like FlashScore it can provide live updates, although push notifications are usually delayed. Like Live Sports TV it has lots of video content for free, although you can get access to live games legally if you have an ESPN subscription. And like The Athletic, it has a lot of news.

Their writing isn’t as great as The Athletic, but it does the job for a free alternative. It’s live score tracking isn’t the quickest. And you have to pay to watch live events unlike Live Sports TV. So in one sense it is the whole package of the other three, but at the same time, they’re all better than ESPN. But it’s a good alternative to have on the backburner.

And there you have it, our top recommended apps for sports fans. Think we’ve missed something? Let us know on our socials and in the comments below so we can check it out.

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