The Best Child Tracker App For Your Child’s Online Safety

As a parent, you have the responsibility to protect your kids from the dangers that lurk everywhere—including the digital world. Kids these days are more vulnerable to digital dangers, particularly if they have their own smartphones. This is why it’s important to be extra vigilant about monitoring what your children do online.

As useful as it is, the internet can also be dangerous. It affords anonymity and protection to abusers. Many parents never realize that their kids are already being bullied or falling prey to predators online until it’s too late, and the damage has been done.

The good news is that you can take one preventive measure to keep your child safe and secure: You can install a child tracker app on your child’s smartphone.

A child safety app assures parents that they can monitor their children remotely. Moreover, it helps children feel safer—they always know that you are watching over them and that you can immediately take action before further harm ensues.

Just be sure to install it in their devices with their consent. That way, they won’t think of it as a violation of their privacy 

One of the best apps in the market today is the Child Safety & Tracker App. It’s designed for Android phones, was created by parents for parents, and built on the Easy Logger platform—an innovative way to track not just kids but also vehicles, spouses, or employees.

Child Safety & Tracker App is free and unobtrusive. It allows you to monitor the phone’s use and location to protect your kids against wandering, scams, abuse, and falls. With this app, you can keep an eye on your children and find out right away if they are in trouble, anytime, and anywhere. Here are just some of the many ways it can help you keep your kids safe:

1. App usage monitoring

The child safety app lets you oversee your child’s call logs and app usage, so you know exactly what they are doing on their smartphone. Usage monitoring is a useful feature that can help you protect your children from cyberbullying, online scams, child abuse, kidnapping, and other potential and serious threats.

2. SOS and sound alarm button

Is your child going somewhere without you? If they ever find themselves in an unwanted situation, they can tap the red button to sound an alarm, which should alert other people in their surroundings.

Child Safety & Tracker App’s one-touch SOS button also immediately texts or calls you. Should you be unable to answer, the app automatically calls up to 5 more contacts in the priority that you set—perhaps your spouse, an aunt or uncle, a grandparent, and other people that you trust.

This will ensure that your child gets the attention they need—not one minute wasted. Likewise, this feature sends out SOS messages to you and the five other contacts with the phone’s real-time location so you can quickly get to where your child is.

3. Dangerous situations alert

This app can also alert you should the phone detect suspicious impact that may indicate a fall, an injury, or even rash driving. Do note that effects due to sports can cause high G-forces that may activate this feature, so be sure to configure the settings to an appropriate sensitivity based on your child’s activity levels and overall lifestyle.

4. Emergency health information

It’s good practice to save your contact information and your child’s medical conditions, allergies, and doctor details in your child’s phone or write them down in a card and store it in their wallet. Child Safety & Tracker app provides a more convenient way to do this. It lets you save all that information within the application, making them accessible in case of an emergency.

5. Geofence

With a child tracker app, you can create a Geofence on the map, and receive an alert every time the device enters or exits the fenced area. Parents can use this feature to check whether your kid is safe and not in danger by visiting any forbidden place. To ensure your kid goes home straight after school, you can use the Geofence feature and mark all the no-safe zones.

6. Fall Alert

Falling is a normal part of the way children grow, whether they are playing sports, climbing, or running. Fortunately, most fall results in mild bumps or cuts, but some can be life-threatening and might require immediate medical attention. This is where the Fall Detection alert comes in. If the device sensor records a fall, it automatically sends an email with the current location.

7. Low battery alert

A cell phone lets you stay in touch with your children at almost all times – except when it is not fully charged. A low battery alert will alert you to remind children to charge their phones, especially when driving independently, traveling alone, or away from home for a long time.

There is no doubt that this child safety app will ease your worries as it lets you keep an eye on your kids even when you can’t physically be there with them.

Most of these features are available on the Child Safety & Tracker app for free. Other features are provided on an annual subscription.

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