The Best Horse Racing Betting Apps In 2022

When it comes to betting, many would still think about horse race betting. It’s an activity that has been around for a long time. It is known to have started in the United Kingdom in the 1600s during the reign of King James, and until today, this gambling activity is a popular choice for many.

Now that we have entered the mobile era, many are now betting online with their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. With that, many sportsbooks made sure that they also bring horse race betting online. Today, there are plenty of horse racing betting apps that you can download.

If you don’t know which app you should give a shot, no worries! We’re here to help you out pick the betting app that’s right for you. We’ve taken a look at betting apps that offer horse race odds and here are five of them that stood out:


Parimatch is a trusted European sportsbook that has been around since 1994. It has been online since 2000 but initially, it was only available in the CIS region. Eventually, the site has become available in more countries including the UK, India, and many more.

We can say that Parimatch is an industry expert. With its long experience in the sports betting industry, it understands how horse race betting works and this is why despite the popularity of betting on other sports, you can still find horse betting odds on the site and its app.

Some of the races you can bet on at Parimatch are Plumpton, Golden Gate Fields, Fairyhouse, Le Lion D’angers, Tampa Bay Downs, and many more. The Parimatch betting app is downloadable on the official site for both Android and iOS devices.


A modern sportsbook that has also been online for a while now is Betway. Betway was founded in 2006 and you can be sure that it’s one of the most trusted betting apps today. Betway is available in many countries but horse racing is only offered in certain countries like the UK and India.

Some of the races you can bet on with the Betway app are the Fairyhouse, Grand National, Royal Ascot, and the Cheltenham Festival. Aside from horse racing, Betway also has odds on numerous sports like football, tennis, and basketball.

There are two Betway apps that you can download but if you’re after sports betting, then you should only download the Betway Sports app. However, if you also enjoy regular and live casino games, you may also want to consider downloading the Betway Casino app. Both apps are available on Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iOS users.


Bet365 is also one of the pioneers in online betting. This European bookie was founded in 2000 and with over twenty years of experience in the betting industry, it’s one of the most-trusted sites today by many punters for great and fair odds.

You can place bets on horse races here like Plumpton, Hereford, Fairyhouse, and Cork. What is also great about Bet365 is that it has live audio commentary on races and sometimes, live streaming too. Aside from horse racing, Bet365 also offers great odds on football, rugby, Gaelic sports, and even politics!

The Bet365 app is available on Google PlayStore and the Apple App Store. If you’re in certain places where Google doesn’t allow betting apps on the Play Store, you can still download the betting app on Bet365’s official site.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is also a sports betting expert that has been in the industry since 1988. This bookie went online in 2000 when it was already known as Ireland’s most successful sportsbook. Since then, it’s been the go-to of many horse race punters.

This sportsbook offers odds on the popular horse racing events not only in the UK but also in the US, Ireland, and France. It has odds on Hereford, Fairyhouse, and more. Aside from horse racing, this bookie also offers odds on other popular sports like football and tennis. It also offers online casino games to its players.

Paddy Power may still have bookshops that punters can visit but it also now has a native app that both Android and iOS users can download.

William Hill

When talking about the most popular and reputable sportsbooks around the world, William Hill is most likely going to be brought up. Why wouldn’t it be? This bookie has been around since 1934 and when it comes to horse race betting, this is probably the best bookie out there.

William Hill may have been around for such a long time now but it has been adapting to the modern era. The sportsbook also went online when many betting companies have also found their way to the internet.

Aside from sports betting, William Hill now also offers online casino games. The William Hill betting app is available on both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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