The Best Mobile Gaming Apps of 2021

“As the year draws to a close…” You know that means we’ve got to look back on the best of the best. In this case, gaming apps have been on the tip of tongues all over the world. They make a lot of money, the good ones grant a lot of fun, and they kept us all connected in a lonely time. Right now, we’re seeing what the best gaming apps are.

The Best Mobile Gaming Apps of 2021


With a lot of places beyond our front door still out of reach, a growing yearning is taking place. The most wanderlustful of us have had to turn to GeoGuessr. Dropping you on a random location provided by Google Maps street view, you get to guess as to where you are and gain points depending on how close you were.


Playing Dadish 2 is like taking a step back in time to the early days of Mario and Pac Man. The pixelated retro side scroller sees you, a papa radish, setting out to save all your radish children. Ride a giant sentient burger as you jump and roll your way through an environment full of cannons, swinging chainsaws and other traps.

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Among Us

The explosive power of Among Us in 2020 cannot be overstated. The game that was released in 2018, became the game of choice for faraway friends to laugh, play, and stab each other in the back. It speaks to its quality that its effect is still felt today. It wasn’t just a moment in time, but a lasting fun time that survived the return to normalcy that was expected to drop the game.

Every game has a killer who is sneaking around your spaceship, cutely murdering your crewmates. You will have to watch carefully and call Alien-type meetings to figure out who did it – or hide your bloody hands behind your back.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley burst into popularity over the past couple of years, perhaps due to its whimsical simplicity. You are transported to a beautifully imagined countryside town where you inherit your grandfather’s farm. Explore and nurture the town around you, while you raise animals, fish, tend to your crops, or craft items. Meet the townsfolk and explore the nearby mysterious caves for a sense of adventure.

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is a beautifully displayed and otherworldly game that gives the player calm and joy as play. This indie puzzle game is a sequel to the beloved Monument Valley that will keep you captivated by the characters journey with its puzzle elements solved by manipulating architecture and the world around you. It features Ro as she and her daughter learn about the beautiful world and are led through isometric mazes full of optical illusions and impossible objects.

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