The impact of digital matching technology on our perception of romance

If you’re currently single but seeking a partner, what do you think about romance? Do you always see it in the context of weekend fun? Hanging around in trendy nightclubs or busy bars, keeping an eye out for talent on the dancefloor? Or do you have more relaxed tastes, and prefer popping into coffee shops hoping to flirt with someone interesting? Did you know more and more people are going down the digital route? Let’s explore the impact online technology has had on how romance is perceived today.

Choosing the ideal partner

Let’s say you like the idea of arranging a casual get-together, but want to take a step back from overcrowded social settings. By signing up for a discreet hookups website, you’ll get to choose from a diverse range of prospective partners. What’s more, these sites and apps operate algorithms – built-in computer programs – that can help steer you towards the most suitable candidates. These compare the information you provide when you register, such as your favorite leisure pursuits, or the type of singles you find yourself drawn towards. As soon as matches are identified within the pool of talent who have already uploaded their details to the database, these can be flagged up instantly. These dating services also tend to use basic themes to give their members categories where they’ll feel most at home. This could cover everything from age-gap relationships to LGBT-friendly romance. The list of topics is practically limitless.

Easy communication

Here’s an area where touching base on the Internet is fast becoming the most popular method for singles to find romance. If you’ve ever become disillusioned by the rigmarole of chatting up other singles, only to discover you have little in common, dating sites/apps provide seamless methods for communicating. Perhaps you’ve always considered yourself to be a little shy or awkward, especially when it comes to flirting with strangers. Matching technology now comes with a vast range of ways of contacting potential dates. You can pop into chat rooms or online forums, getting familiar with a cross-section of the other users in a comfortable atmosphere. As soon as you come across someone you like the look of – whether that’s down to an attractive profile photo or their interesting hobbies – you can send a virtual ‘wink’ or simply add a ‘like’ to their page. These shorthand techniques can pave the way for you to begin exchanging direct messages. You can rest assured that the communication platforms are always discreet and private. You’ll soon find your perception of romance altering completely, while your confidence to flirt will also grow.

Looking to the future

The early stages of any romance are always characterized by excitement, but also a degree of uncertainty. You might meet someone for a ‘no strings attached’ date, with no intention of this lasting, only to discover an undeniable chemistry. The beauty of digital matchmaking is that you are in control of your destiny. It’s entirely up to you to decide the pace you wish to apply to any connection. If you decide you’d rather move on and explore other options, then all you have to do is send a wink to the next person who catches your eye. But if you do get a sense that this relationship could go places, then go for it! Because you’ll already have found out a lot about the other member, you’ll appreciate what you have in common. Use this as the basis for planning your first rendezvous in the real world. This won’t seem anything like a blind date – it’ll be like bumping into a friend.

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