The newest features on Android for you to enjoy

As we enter a new season, thirteen new features have been introduced to the Android phone making life even more comfortable for you. You can look forward to your device getting better and better.  Features that will enable you to get things done more easily and giving you more time to do the things you want during your busy day, like playing at that great EasyBet casino.

These features include incredible new and fun ways to express yourself.  For example, new emojis; Animated backgrounds in Meet; GBoard updates; Nearby Share updates and Locked Folder.  Below we will look at some of these.

Google TV remote

You can now use the Google TV app or the Android’s quick settings on your Android phone to do anything on your tv. You can control everything from your mobile device.  No need to search around for the tv remote that always goes missing!  Using your phone’s keyboard you can type in any movie name, password or anything else you are searching for in a matter of seconds. Life couldn’t be easier.

Stay connected, Enjoy Auto Media and Games on Android

Whilst travelling you can enjoy the journey more with great music, games plus lots more when using Google Assistant on Android Auto.   By simply pressing play when travelling you are able to access personalized music and podcasts. And, when you reach your final destination you will be able to access, via your touchscreen lots of fun and challenging games.

Waze on Android is also getting a makeover so that the navigation experience will be more efficient.   The updated version will include touchpad support, lane guidance support and also a night mode.  With all the many navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps Android Auto makes travelling less of a hassle.

Camera Switches

The latest Android accessibility feature, Camera Switches, provides support to people that have speech and motor disabilities, enabling them to use their phones using eye movements and facial gestures. It turns the front facing camera on your phone into a switch. You are then able to pick one movement to scan and the second to select.    Choosing two gestures that work for you and then customizing them to suit your movement needs.  This new feature really makes Android more user friendly for many more people.

Project Activate

Now there is a new app, Project Activate that allows you to communicate more easily and gives you the ability to express yourself. This app is particularly useful for people who don’t speak or have neurological problems Using facial gestures and eye movements can be used to put into action preset actions.   For example, you can have commands like “STOP” OR “WAIT” that correspond with certain actions.  The app is useful for a whole variety of actions, like getting the attention of your caregiver. It allows you to “speak” by using some facial feature, like smiling or blinking.


Another new app which works via handwriting recognition and will further improve accessibility is Lookout.  This app is helpful for people who have vision problems or even blindness and will assist them in getting things done quicker and more easily. For example, sorting through mail, or putting provisions away.  In document mode, the app is able to read out handwritten and also printed material for all Latin- based languages.  Also available now in currency mode, is Euro and Indian Rupee recognition, owing to Lookouts increasing global audience.

Heads Up

The addition of Heads Up to Android’s digital wellbeing settings is a great feature and makes sure that you stay alert and stay safe while you are busy looking at your phone screen while walking.

Android Assistant – Reminder

It has become so easy to keep track of all the things you need to do and take care of.    These reminders will keep notifying you at the exact right time. It is just up to you to call out “Google, remind me to adjust the light timer every Sunday evening” and in order to manage your reminders just ask Google to “tell me my reminders”.

New emojis and more fun ways to create and share.

Emojis are a great way to express what you are feeling.  There are a bunch of new and old ones to choose from.  Emoji Kitchen offers a whole lot more to choose from with loads of mashups that are such fun to use.

New Animated backgrounds to use in Meet

Sometimes you don’t want to let on about where you are or what your particular setting is. Now you can make your video calls more fun but also maintain your privacy at the same time by using Animated video background replacements in Meet.

GBoard updates

When you open a messaging app it is now possible with Screenshot Suggestions to pick your most recent screenshop directly from GBoard.   It is no longer necessary to scroll through your camera roll looking for a screenshot.

Cutting and pasting data is now so much easier with Smart Clipboard. Now when copying text which includes phone numbers, emails or URL you can now see this information suggested in the clipboard. This makes life so much simpler. You can move them where you want and share the contact information quickly and save more time.

Smart Compose will offer common phrase suggestions as you write, helping you to avoid repetitions or other errors.  You can use autocomplete to finish your sentences and finish your work in half the time!

Locked Folder

This is a place which is password protected.  You can keep anything that is totally private and for your eyes only.  This way, the information will not show up in any of the other apps on your phone as you scroll through.

Improved visibility settings

You be the one to decide who is able to discover your device and send you stuff.  You get to choose from one person in your contacts or no-one and it is always possible to update or change your preferences through Quick-settings anytime you like.

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